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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall TV: Sunday

7:00 -- America's Funniest Home Videos (ABC), 60 Minutes (CBS), Football Night in America (NBC), CW Now (CW)

7:30 -- Online Nation (CW)

8:00 -- Extreme Makeover Home Edition (ABC), Viva Laughlin (CBS), Sunday Night Football (NBC), Simpsons (Fox), Life is Wild (CW)

8:30 -- King of the Hill (Fox)

9:00 -- Desperate Housewives (ABC), Cold Case (CBS), Family Guy (Fox), Tell Me You Love Me (HBO), Dexter (Showtime)

9:30 -- American Dad (Fox)

10:00 -- Brothers and Sisters (ABC), Shark (CBS), Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO), Brotherhood (Showtime)

"Dexter" is so good, ya'll. I'm just worried that the second season can't possibly live up to the standard set by the first. In a completely different league, I sort of got sucked in to "Brothers and Sisters" last year. It has a great cast, but it's just so absurd. I will try to wean myself.

Among new shows, "Viva Laughlin" -- a musical mystery set in a casino and starring Hugh Jackman has huge trainwreck potential. I watched the first couple episodes of "Tell Me You Love Me" -- aka the sex show -- and I'm torn. I want to find out if Ally Walker and her husband are ever going to have sex, but the other stories sort of bore me.

The big question is what happened to the "Amazing Race"?

Fall TV: Saturday

8:00 -- Saturday Night College Football (ABC), Dateline NBC (NBC), Cops (Fox)

9:00 -- America's Most Wanted (Fox), Torchwood (BBC)

10:00 -- 48 Hours Mystery (CBS)

They're not even trying.

Fall TV: Friday

8:00 -- 20/20 (ABC), Ghost Whisperer (CBS), Deal or No Deal (NBC), The Next Great American Band (Fox), WWE Smackdown (CW)

9:00 -- Women's Murder Club (ABC), Moonlight (CBS), Friday Night Lights (NBC)

10:00 -- Men in Trees (ABC), Numb3rs (CBS), Las Vegas (NBC)

The choice is clear: "Friday Night Lights," which is definitely one of the best shows on TV, even if the Emmy voters don't realize that. Thank god for TiVo, so I don't have to stay home every Friday night.

The reviews for "Women's Murder Club" and "Moonlight" have not been good. Although "Moonlight" has VM's Jason Dohring.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall TV: Thursday

Not much new on Thursday nights.

8:00 -- Ugly Betty (ABC), Surivor (CBS), My Name Is Earl (NBC), Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? (Fox), Smallville (CW)

8:30 -- 30 Rock (NBC)

9:00 -- Grey's Anatomy (ABC), CSI (CBS), The Office (NBC), Don't Forget the Lyrics (Fox), Supernatural (CW)

9:30 -- Scrubs (NBC)

10:00 -- Big Shots (ABC), Without a Trace (CBS), ER (NBC), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (USA)

Hmm. I'm pretty indifferent to all of these shows. I mean, I enjoy "Ugly Betty" when I watch it, but as soon as I turn it off I pretty much forget about it. I find "Grey's Anatomy" annoying, and yet I still keep watching it. I like "Without a Trace" and "Criminal Intent" well enough when they're on late at night, but I'm not going to TiVo them. I agree with Red that "Big Shots" looks atrocious. As a service to our reader(s), I plan to watch a couple of episodes to confirm this fact.

Anyone watch "30 Rock"? I might add it to the To Do list.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fall TV: Wednesday

A lot of new shows on Wednesday nights.

8:00 -- Pushing Daisies (ABC), Kid Nation (CBS), Deal or No Deal (NBC), Back to You (Fox), America's Next Top Model (CW)

8:30 -- Til Death (Fox)

9:00 -- Private Practice (ABC), Criminal Minds (CBS), Bionic Woman (NBC), Kitchen Nightmares (Fox), Gossip Girl (CW)

10:00 -- Dirty Sexy Money (ABC), CSI: New York (CBS), Life (NBC)

At 8, "Pushing Daisies" is just about everybody's pick for best new show. And the competition is weak. I know that "Kid Nation" is supposed to be "controversial," but do I want to watch a bunch of unsupervised kids do chores? No, I don't. "ANTM" can be entertaining, but it's getting a bit tired.

At 9, it's a sea of mediocrity. I like Kate Walsh, but the sneak preview of "Private Practice" that aired last spring was awful. It had the worst aspects of "Grey's Anatomy" -- the cheesiness and insufferable characters -- with nothing to redeem it except Tim Daly. And I have no faith in Shonda Rimes's ability to listen to criticism and improve the show.

I want to love "Bionic Woman." I loved the original, and I love Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck to BSG fans), but the pilot was just meh. Too many fight scenes and Jamie's character was sort of boring. Quit moping around about being bionic! WTF?

I also want to like "Criminal Minds" because it's about serial killers! But it has that overly earnest tone that characterizes a lot of CBS dramas. Earnestness and serial killers don't mix.

Last, but certainly not least, I TiVoed "Gossip Girls" last week for the express purpose of confirming that I had no interest in a show about rich prep school kids in New York, even if it is narrated by Veronica Mars. And it was sort of . . . awesome. I might be hooked!

At 10, I'll give "Dirty, Sexy Money" a try. I'm not so into night time soaps, and the previews I've seen seem really disjointed. But I like Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland.

I watched the pilot of "Life," which features Damian Lewis -- who I loved in "Band of Brothers" -- as a cop who was wrongfully convicted of murder and got his job back as part of a settlement. Eh. In the quirky detective department, I'll take Vincent D'Onofrio's Bobby Goren (now banished to TNT) any day.

Holt and I happened to catch an episode of "CSI: New York" when we were in Asia this winter. That show is just godawful. How is it on TV, when "Veronica Mars" is not? There's no justice in the world.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fall TV: Tuesday

Pretty slim pickings on Tuesday nights this fall.

8:00 -- Cavemen (ABC), N.C.I.S. (CBS), The Singing Bee (NBC), Bones (Fox), Beauty and the Geek (CW)

8:30 -- Carpoolers (ABC), The Biggest Loser (NBC)

9:00 -- Dancing with the Stars (ABC), The Unit (CBS), House (Fox), Reaper (CW)

10:00 -- Boston Legal (ABC), Cane (CBS), Law & Order:SVU (NBC)

Of returning shows, the only ones I watch are "Bones" and "House" and both of those are in the take-it-or-leave-it category. I believe that my feelings about "SVU" are on record, but I cannot stand its combination of titillation and self-righteousness.

New shows? "Cavemen" is based on a GEICO commercial. Enough said. I'll be TiVoing "Reaper," about a kid who learns on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his soul to the devil --- played by Laura Palmer's dad! -- before he was born. "Cane" is on the bubble. On the one hand, Jimmy Smits. On the other hand, pretty bad reviews.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wouldn't a spectrum make more sense?

The people over at Pop Sugar have put together a little cheat sheet for the new fall television season. They have compiled a chart of the TV bloggers' rankings for many of the new shows. However, this chart has a major problem. A score of 1 is considered very bad, while a score of 5 is considered excellent. To see the chart in its full glory, click here.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the color-coding makes no sense. A show receiving a 1 gets a green-blue box, while a show receiving a 4 gets a blue-green box (and a show that a reviewer hasn't watched gets a regular green box). A 5 is an orange box, and a 2 is a red box. A 3 is a purple box.

Wouldn't it have made more sense to make a 1 blue-green, a 2 green-blue, a 3 purple, a 4 orange and a 5 red? Or used some other colors, but had the rankings follow along a typical ROYGBIV spectrum? So that when you looked at the chart, the general colors you saw would tell you whether a show was good or bad?

All this just tells me that I need to see Bailey's television preview as soon as possible.

Oh, and how could someone give Big Shots a five? Maybe they lost their scoring key and thought a 5 was really, really bad? Because you know how I felt about it.

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Fall TV: Monday

Oh my gosh. The fall TV season starts like tonight. Unless you count the shows that started last week. Here's the Monday schedule (new shows in bold):

8:00 -- Dancing With the Stars (ABC), How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Prison Break (Fox), Chuck (NBC), Everybody Hates Chris (CW)

8:30 -- The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Aliens in America (CW)

9:00 -- Two and a Half Men (CBS), Heroes (NBC), K-Ville (Fox), Girlfriends (CW)

9:30 -- Samantha Who? (ABC), Rules of Engagement (CBS), The Game (CW)

10:00 -- The Bachelor (ABC), CSI Miami (CBS), Journeyman (NBC), The Hills (MTV), Weeds (Showtime)

10:30 -- Californication (Showtime)

What am I going to watch, you ask?

I think at 8, I'll watch "Chuck." I saw the pilot on demand and it was pretty good -- about a guy who dropped out of Stanford and now works at a big box store as a tech "nerd" and had all of the government's secrets downloaded into his brain and now has to fight crime. The lead actor, Zach Levi, is pretty appealing. Created by "O.C.'s" Josh Scwhartz. Last year, I watched "Prison Break" off and on. While is an objectively bad show, there is something sort of compelling about it. I think that would be Wentworth Miller and William Fitchner. Every time I've seen "How I Met Your Mother" I've really liked it and Neil Patrick Harris's character is great, but I just can't get into sitcoms. I also saw the pilot of "The Big Bang Theory." It's so bad. It actually has a laugh track, which just seems archaic. I can't believe the good reviews its getting.

At 9, "Heroes," of course. I really like Anthony Anderson of "K-Ville," and I think that a show about post-Katrina New Orleans has a lot of potential. "Samantha Who?" stars Christina Applegate, and the reviews I've seen have been bad.

At 10, nothing! I saw the pilot of "Journeyman" -- about a guy who travels through time to save people's lives and stuff. There was nothing wrong with it, but haven't I seen this show and read this book already? Yes, I have.

Worst New Fall Show?

Comcast On Demand has an amazing feature for television addicts (like me). In preparation of the new fall television season, they are providing some "sneak peaks" of upcoming shows. I was excited that Big Shots was included among these previews. Why? Because Big Shots is a show featuring Michael Vartan. And Dylan McDermott, Christopher Titus and Joshua Malina. But really, the only reason I care is Michael Vartan. (Note how his grey suit in the photo at right sets him apart from his less-hot co-stars.)

ABC is billing the show as "Desperate Housewives for men," and the premise is pretty simple. It is about four guys who are friends and at the top of their chosen careers, and have various problems with women.

It is so very bad. So bad that I couldn't sit through the five minute preview provided to Comcast by ABC. One has to assume that the preview is the best the show has to offer, and it was, quite literally, unwatchable. The dialogue is just awful. Despite ABC's assurance that this is what it is like when men talk to each other, not one bit of it seemed genuine. Guys don't go around talking about how much the women in their lives control them. In fact, I don't think guys go around talking about the women in their lives much at all.

A huge thumbs-down. If you don't believe me, feel free to watch a preview here. I actually haven't viewed this, but I am totally certain it, too, is horrible. And if that doesn't convince you, feel free to tune in Thursday at 10 p.m., ET.

No amount of eye candy is going to save this one.


I Regret To Inform You

that my earlier post regarding Marcia seems to be false. Damn internet.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Note to Self: Things to Do in 2008

1. Await birth of Isaac, Jr.'s sibling.
2. Pay taxes.
3. Read Maureen McCormick's book. Egad!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A ticket to Dillon, TX

Wouldn't it be sad if the best show on television were canceled and you never even watched? For those of you who don't tune into Friday Night Lights, it very well might happen.

But it's not too late to start. I know a ton of people were saying that they just hadn't gotten around to watching season one and were waiting for it to come out on DVD. Well, it's here. And what's more, if you don't like it, NBC will give you all of your money back. But you know what? I guarantee you won't ask for your money back. It is really that good. Season one might be the most perfect season of any show that I have ever watched. (And you know I watch a lot of television.)

Season two premieres on October 5. So buy season one (or get it on Netflix, or just watch it for free on NBC.com). Then start watching season two. If you don't get through season one by October 5, just start DVRing season two. It's that easy. And I guarantee you will thank me for telling you to do this.

If that's not enough to convince you, even The Sports Guy is asking everyone to start watching. He's right, it is the best sports series ever made. Except it really isn't a sports series. The football is just part of the backdrop of an excellent show about relationships and life in a small town in Texas. (And I'm from New York, so if I can like a show about small town Texas, anyone can.)


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Film Festing

Just in case you needed reminding, Isaac lives. I've been traveling and changing jobs, but I still exist. Most importantly for purposes of the blog, Mrs. Bartender and I spent the past weekend in Toronto for the final days of the Film Festival. Since it had begun a week earlier, most of the big celebs (Clooney, Pitt, etc.) were gone, but we still had a lot of fun. Toronto is a great city (much like New York/Chicago), and it is just booming--construction is everywhere. Sadly, the US dollar's nose dive means that for the first time in 30 years $1 US= $1 Canadian, so the trip was no bargain.

In the span of 24 hours, we went to 5 movies, and here are my brief thoughts:

Weirdsville. This wacky Canadian film involves stoners, satanists, and medieval reenacting midgets. It is bizarre but a lot of fun. It will be coming out in the states in, I believe, November and is worth catching. Taryn Manning is the biggest name in the cast, and the director, producer, and most of the cast was at the screening and took questions afterwards. Don't expect a great movie, but it was certainly enjoyable.

Honeydripper. A John Sayles film about a music joint in Alabama in 1950 starring Danny Glover. Extremely disappointing. Within 10 minutes, I knew exactly where the plot was going (and go it did). There were some good performances (Charles S. Dutton in particular), but I was bored and simply saw nothing impressive in this film. (For the record, I loved Sayles' Lone Star, which I saw a decade ago.)

Then She Found Me. This is Helen Hunt's directorial debut about a 39-year old woman (Hunt) who suddenly becomes divorced, has her adoptive mother die, and is found by her birth mother (Bette Midler). And, of course, she finds a new boyfriend (Colin Firth), and problems arise. And, her doctor is played by Salman Rushdie. Really. The film is well acted but is nothing special. It will, I predict be very popular in South Florida, but the Oscar buzz the film has gotten seems misplaced.

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. This film, directed by Sidney Lumet, is hard to describe but was quite good. The always outstanding Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays a real estate executive who needs money and enters into a plan with his ne'er do well brother, played by Ethan Hawke. Things do not go well for any of the characters, and the movie in a nonchronological but fascinating (and fairly easy to follow) fashion. Great acting, some vicious scenes, and interesting plot twists.

XXY. An Argentinian film about a boy/girl with an XXY genetic disorder trying to comprehend his/her gender and sexual orientation. This description makes the film sounds more peculiar than it is, and the movie does a fine job exploring the parents' (and particularly the father's) reaction to the situation as well as that of a doctor, his wife, and son from Buenos Aires who come to "help." Quite interesting, and the Mrs. really liked it.

One other nugget from Toronto--the buzz on Atonement (December 7, I believe) was excellent.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The best of the rest (since Friday Night Lights wasn't included)

I wasn't going to blog about the Emmys this year, mostly because the fact that Friday Night Lights didn't receive any major nominations makes the show seem a total joke. But I decided to watch, and when the nominees for the second award were announced, I was compelled to grab my computer.

Why? The award was Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. The nominees: Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn for Lost, Michael Imperioli for The Sopranos, Masi Oka from Heroes, T.R. Knight for Grey's Anatomy and William Shatner for Boston Legal.

William Shatner for Boston Legal?!?! Does this make any sense? Does anyone consider Boston Legal a legitimate show? Does anyone consider Shatner on Boston Legal a legitimate actor? No one from Friday Night Lights was nominated and William Shatner is up for Boston Legal?! And for that matter...T.R. Knight? Is Grey's Anatomy still considered worthy of major awards at this point? Didn't last season pretty much suck? Weren't Knight's "serious" scenes when George's father died difficult to watch not because his pain was so real but because it was so overdramatized? Luckily, O'Quinn won, and he would have been my choice.

But apparently Grey's is worthy of major awards, because Katherine Heigl won as Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. I could have accepted Sandra Oh winning, because she really is the best thing about that show, but basically every time Heigl was "emotional" this season, I cringed. But the Emmy voters waste two nominations on Heigl and Chandra Wilson (I know she's popular, but I just don't think she's that good) while actresses like Connie Britton are overlooked?

And what is the definition of a "guest actor?" Among the nominees this year was Elizabeth Reaser, who played amnesiac Ava on Grey's Anatomy. But she was on the show for eleven episodes. That's not too many to be considered a guest actor? And IMDB tells me Judith Light, another nominee, was on Ugly Betty for 16 episodes.

Wow. All of this is kind of showing me something I hadn't realized, which is how much I have come to dislike Grey's. I rarely give up on shows, but as I lay out all of these complaints and so many are related to one show, I'm thinking maybe it's time I say goodbye. Perhaps I should just wait for Sandra Oh's next vehicle.

Other (non-Grey's) thoughts:

I don't blame Judi Davis for not showing to receive her award for The Starter Wife. The entire show was kind of embarassing, as is the fact that she won an award for it.

The tribute to The Sopranos was just strange. First a montage that the viewers barely got to watch (because we were watching The Jersey Boys as they sang along) and then the cast came out, stood on the stage, and...nothing. Just odd.

And speaking of The Sopranos, how does James Spader beat out James Gandolfini for Best Actor in a Drama? Unlike Shatner, his character on Boston Legal isn't a total joke, but it doesn't come close to Gandolfini's portrayal of Tony Soprano. I watched Spader play the same character on The Practice and it's pretty much a strange guy playing a strange guy. Sure, he has some internal conflicts, but it's not very complex. Whereas complex is probably the first word most think of when it comes to Gandolfini's performance as Tony Soprano.

Which leads us to my final comment--Outstanding Drama Series. Nominees: Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, House and The Sopranos. The winner is as it should have been: The Sopranos. And I know I am now a broken record, but Boston Legal and Grey's Anatomy were contenders while Friday Night Lights wasn't? I admit that I don't really watch Boston Legal, but Gobo does, and here's his take: "it's a show that doesn't take itself seriously, it has some laughs, and basically consists of a bunch of actors who have been successful in the past playing their typical roles--Candace Bergen, William Shatner, James Spader--and a bunch of cliches." As for Grey's Anatomy, not once did I watch that show last season and think "this could be one of the best hours of television I ever watch." But that's exactly what I thought after the final episode of Friday Night Lights.

So basically, the Emmys suck. Oh, and so did Ryan Seacrest as host. Fraggle. Out.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What the Heck?

Did anyone else watch this season of Rescue Me, which ended last night? It was really disappointing -- just a series of random scenes strung together. Like why was Tommy sleeping in the storage room? And who were those other guys who apparently work at the same fire house who we never saw until the last couple of episodes? And the whole stupid thing with the baby. Blah. And that's on top of the undercurrent of misogyny that has always run through this show.

Still, I watched it. But only because I love Sean Garrity, played by Steve Pasquale. So, so funny.

More Good Eats

Dutch Country Farmers Market in Burtonsville, Maryland. This Amish market, is only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Don't let the Amish factor fool you into thinking that there will be a bucolic atmosphere. No. When I was there at about 1 on a Saturday it was jam packed and bustling. I bought some cheese and a yummy sugar free apple pie. But there was tons of other stuff -- produce, meat, baked goods, candy. And people were lined up for some delicious looking lunch featuring grilled meats. So come hungry.

Dixie Bones. This barbeque place is down in Woodbridge a couple of minutes off of I-95, nestled in a lovely strip mall featuring a pawn shop and a tanning salon. We were there on a Sunday for the all-you-can-eat buffet, featuring many kinds of slow-cooked meat and undoubtedly insanely fattening sides. Topped off with excellent pecan and coconut cream pie.

Creme Cafe (pronounced "Cream"). Sort of upscale Southern food with excellent desserts and an extensive cocktail menu. On U Street. I was there on a Friday night, and it was a bit noisy. I can highly recommend the watermelon martini and the chocolate quad dessert.

Lunchtime Adventure!

Loyal reader M. and I ventured over to 15th and K recently to check out the world famous Burrito Cart. Verdict: pretty good. Definitely the best in our relatively burrito-deprived work neighborhood. (Second best being the Burrito Brothers in the food court of International Square, IMO.)

They stick to the basics here -- just beans (pinto, black or "black and tan"), a few flavors of tortillas, and the possible additions of rice, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole. Plus, like a million kinds of hot sauce. But really tasty. The beans were excellent, with a hint of cinnamon. And M. had the mango salsa, which he liked.

It was quite an operation. We got there just in time, because about 10 people lined up behind us while we were waiting. So prompt and decisive ordering was at a premium, which was a bit stressful. Also, you make your own change, which was made difficult by the fact that we didn't know how much anything cost.

The only drawbacks: We both ordered a little conservatively -- I asked for a "5" in terms of spiciness, and M got a "7" -- and we'd both go hotter next time. And burritos are not the ideal food to eat on a park bench. Other than that: highly recommended!

Things I'm Looking Forward To

1. In the Shadow of the Moon. A documentary featuring interviews of almost all of the surviving astronauts who walked on the moon (Neil Armstrong excluded) as well as tons of NASA footage. Awesome! Opens in Washington tomorrow.

2. Into the Wild. I've seen the preview for this movie, based on the book by Jon Krakauer, a couple of times. It looks gorgeous, and the cast -- including William Hurt, Marcia Gay Harden, Vince Vaughn, Hal Holbrook, Catherine Keener, and Emile Hirsch -- is amazing. Release date: September 21.

3. The Day of Battle. Part two of Rick Atkinson's planned trilogy about the Allied campaign to liberate Europe. This volume covers the invasion of Sicily and Italy. I bored poor Holt to tears reading her passages from volume one -- the Pulitzer-prize-winning An Army at Dawn -- when we were in Burma this winter. I couldn't help myself; it was really interesting. Release date: October 2.

Sports Notes

1. The news that Greg Oden will probably be out for the season is really sad. He has been a guest on PTI a few times and he seems like someone you want to root for -- nice, down to earth, and smart. In retrospect, he's probably glad that he left college after a year, so at least he's being paid.

2. I dislike the New England Patriots as much as the next person, but I have a hard time getting worked up over the cheating scandal. I just don't see how videotaping what the other team does in public can be considered cheating. It seems like if you're not trying to figure out the other team's signals, you're not really trying to win.

It's possible that I'm missing some important nuance.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney at the VMAs

So . . . I didn't watch because I couldn't. But if this NY Times article (and really, it's in the NY Times? What the hell?) on Britney's VMA performance is anything to go by, I just lost yet another opportunity for schadenfreude, and lord knows Britney's already given me plenty of excuses for that. For those who watched, was it really that awful?

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Favorite Shopping Blogs

I was sharing some of my favorite recent finds from Etsy last night with Red Fraggle, and to my surprise she'd never heard of this site, which is an online community that allows artists and craftspeople to sell their wonderful work directly to the public. Red's woeful ignorance about Etsy prompted me to write this post, wherein I share my favorite shopping blogs (the ones that led me to all those great things on Etsy).

Despite starting this post with a bunch of specific beautiful things, what I'm about to share are not creaters of beautiful things, but great blogs that do all the culling of Etsy and other online retailers for you. They tell you what they've found and like and each of these sites have led me to a number of great products.

First, and the blog that introduced me to the world of shopping blogs is Sundry Buzz. This isn't really a shopping blog per se, in that the site's author, Linda, is aiming more to share her personal reviews and thoughts on products she actually uses. It's well written, fun, and every once in awhile I actually take her advice.

Perhaps my favorite shopping blog of all is Awesome! It's written by a consortium of very hip seeming young women (like one of my favorite bloggers, Wendy) about my age (30) and they post great finds of every possible description. Beauty products, clothes, jewelry, men's wear, household gadgets . . . it's all here and it's all well-edited. Their annual gift guides are particularly fabulous.

Then there's She's a Betty, which links to interesting vintage and independent fashion. Most of it isn't really stuff I'd ever buy, but I like seeing what she finds, and every once in a while I click through to something that's just unique and perfect.

Last but not least we come to Mighty Goods. This is a pretty bare bones shopping site, not a lot of commentary, they get right to the point with links and photos. Like Awesome, it's well edited, and covers just about any cool product you might buy online, from art prints to jeans to desk accessories.

I hope somebody finds something on one of these sites usefull, and if you have your own favorite shopping blogs, please share in the comments.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Today's Top Story

Slow news day obviously, as the non-attendance of Mrs. Billy Joel at Diddy's 'white' party due to the cream color of her dress, is getting that billing on Us Weekly's website. Don't even ask what I'm doing checking Us on Labor Day. But do check out the charmingly racist comments on the story. What trash!