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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol: Top 9

Okay, so I am late watching tonight. What sucks is that Bailey suggested we watch together tonight, but I couldn't make it. It would be really fun to live blog this together. Alas, I am stuck doing so alone.

Anoop Desai. Some Usher song. What IS this?! It's just absolutely terrible. Is this even a song? It was just awful, although maybe it's just because the song is terrible? Gobo tells me this is an Usher song, and I don't know it at all, but I hate it. Yuck. And why can't Paula speak without hesitation? Gobo is happy that "the old Simon" is back and he's being "hateful."

Megan Joy. Some Bob Marley Song. I keep waiting to hear the Megan Joy that the judges just adore. But...this is not it. Gobo started laughing about 15 words in, saying "if I saw this in a karaoke bar I would think it was a joke."

Danny Gokey. "What Hurts the Most." Okay, you know I'm not a fan of this guy, although I do believe he is superior to Taylor Hicks. And Michael MacDonald. But that's not saying much. I actually thought this was one of his better performances, but I still ddn't find it at all appealing. Gobo thinks he has a good voice but is a terrible singer who needs lessons.

Allison Iraheta. "Don't Speak." I really like Allison. Gobo is yelling at her to "make it your own," and he's right--this is a pretty faithful version. But she's still better than the people who went before her. It was probably my least favorite performance from her, but at least she doesn't sound bad.

Scott MacIntyre. "I Love You Just the Way You Are." When I was a kid I remember a bitterly divorced couple whose wedding song was "I Love You Just the Way You Are." That pretty much shaped my vision of this song. And the stories that Billy Joel wrote this for his ex-wife--the one he left before he married Christie Brinkley--didn't help. However, as much as I generally don't like Scott and don't think he is a strong or interesting singer, I did think he did a good job with this. It was a good choice for him.

Matt Giraud. "You Found Me." Oh, Matt's singing what I would call a Grey's Anatomy song. Regardless, I liked it from him. I do think he's a good singer, and I could hear him on the radio. I don't get the judges ripping him apart so much. Does Simon really think Scott and Danny were better?

Lil Rounds. "I Surrender." Hm, Lil is wearing an evening-type gown. I guess that means we'll be hearing a serious love ballad. And we are, with I Surrender! I'm worried I sound too much like Randy, but "it started off a little rough, but it came through at the end."

Adam Lambert. "Play that Funky Music." He's pulling the modified Moz look this week. In the beginning I wasn't loving this, but I totally came around. Every week I want to hate Adam, and I just cannot. I don't know if it makes me a teenybopper, but I really think that Adam is great. His rendition was very Freddie Mercury.

Kris Allen. "Ain't No Sunshine." I think that Kris' biggest problem was that I knew this was the top 9, and therefore there had to be someone who was going to come after Adam (since he was just singer 8) and I could not think of who would be singing. He's just not memorable. Having said that, I think this was Kris' best performance thus far.

Bottom two: Megan Joy, Anoop.

Top two: Adam, Matt (despite what the judges said).

Going home. Megan. Please.


Are You Ready For Some More Football?

Two more seasons of Friday Night Lights!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


There are too many sites that spend way too much time analyzing the fantastic show that is Lost. (Doc Jensen at EW and Sepinwall are two of my favorites.) It is great that the show's writers really seem to know where they are headed with only 22 episodes left. And I think we are going to learn a lot more about how time travel works in the weeks ahead.

But on a much lighter note, I just want to point out that every time I hear Sawyer's new name, LaFleur, it reminds me of my favorite commercials of all times: Ladies and gentleman, the McKenzie brothers and hockey legend, Guy Lafleur.

Jason Dohring and Minka Kelly on the same show!

This is so exciting. Minka Kelly (I know some of you hate her, but I love her, even if she does date Derek Jeter in real life) and Jason Dohring (aka Logan from Veronica Mars) are going to be co-starring in a CW show called Body Politic. And according to a random poster from the Reliable Source's chat yesterday, Brian Austin Green might somehow be involved. (A sidenote, but I'm a little sad that it appears the Reliable Source women did not watch Veronica Mars. For shame.)

There is no question that I'll be watching.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol: Top 10

This week is Motown week, which should be a welcome change after country week. Since Wilder told me she likes reading these posts, I'll continue to write them. So let's jump in.

Matt Giraud. "Let's Get It On." Although I wasn't big on him last week, I generally do like Matt. I think he's talented and appealing. But I'm not sure anyone can really do justice to this song. But I think he sounded pretty good.

Kris Allen. "How Sweet It Is." What's up with the numbers on the shoulders of his shirt? Is he supposed to be a prisoner? And what's up with the triangular patch with the two swords on his left sleeve? It looks like some kind of military-Star Trek cross. I actually thought Kris sounded okay until the overblown last note, but I just don't find him as appealing or talented as Matt, and they're very similar. I think that's Kris' major downfall.

Scott McIntyre. "You Can't Hurry Love." I just can't get into this guy. I'm sick his ballads, so at least he tried to mix it up. But it just doesn't appeal. (I bet Wilder loves him.) His piano playing seemed good, though. And what is up with Paula's ring? It's like they Bedazzled a golf ball and stuck it on her finger.

Megan Joy (Corkrey). "For Once In My Life." Smokey said she is one of the most original contestants the show has ever had, but I just don't see it. I don't see what's special about her--she seems bland and mediocre to me. Honestly, can someone explain it to me? And I didn't like her version of this song at all--I thought she sounded terrible. At least the judges agreed with me, but they all--including Simon--went on about the "other" Megan, who is apparently a good singer. I really don't get it.

Anoop Desai. "Oh, Baby, Baby." Gobo asked if it could be any worse, but I didn't think it was terrible.

Michael Sarver, "Ain't Too Proud To Beg." Michael, aka The Bully. As I told Gobo, "yeah, the kid you're beating up on the playground "ain't too proud to beg." Gobo came back with "he also ain't too proud to beg for that second cheeseburger he ate today." He makes a good point--he looks a little beefier than usual. I thought it was awful--he slaughtered a great song--and I'm so sad that Alexis went home last week and he's still here.

Lil Rounds. "Heat Wave." I feel so sorry for Lil because everyone is now calling her "Little." I'm sure her name is short of Lillian or Lily or something. Unfortunately, even though I usually really enjoy her, I didn't think she sounded good on this song at all. She is off-key, straining, flat and screechy all at once. It's really unfortunate.

Adam Lambert. 'Tracks Of My Tears." Adam's hair! Is he trying to channel Moz? I hate liking Adam, I really do, because I feel like such a sell-out, but I think Adam is really good. Singing pretty much the whole song in falsetto seems like it would be difficult. It looks like the judges liked it as well, but why did Kara pull such a Paula? "One of the best performances of the night," is eight words, not six Kara. Gobo is wondering whether Randy is trying to be Caribbean island vacation with the beads.

Danny Gokey. "Get Ready." So let's see if he veers into Taylor Hicks/Michael McDonald territory. This song is just crying for Taylor McDonaldisms. I did think he was way better than Taylor would have ever been, but I didn't think it was great.

Allison Iraheta. "Papa Was A Rolling Stone." I think that Allison is really talented. And the fact that she is so young just makes her more impressive.

Best 3: Allison, Adam, Matt.

Worst 3: Michael Sarver, Megan Joy, Lil (which really makes me sad).

Going home: Really, a toss up between Michael and Megan, and either way it's not a loss, but I'm going to guess it's Michael.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol: Top 11

There won't be any Gobo comments tonight. Why? Because he realized it was country week and decided he would rather not watch. I'm optimistic because Bailey sent me an e-mail earlier tonight with the subject line "Adam Lambert." The body of the e-mail: "what the fuck." I'm excited, so on to the episode.

Michael Sarver. Some Garth Brooks song that sounds like "Ain't Going Down 'Til the Sun Comes Up." Blech. He totally has the look and sound of country, but I really don't like it. The problem is, I don't like country music, so it's tough to know where the problem lies.

Allison Iraheta. Blame It On Your Heart." I like Allison--she has character, she's cute, and her voice is good.

Kris Allen. "To Make You Feel My Love." Before Kris sang, Lyle Lovett said that Kris really didn't copy the Garth Brooks version, but rather made it his own. But now I'm listening to him sing, and it sounds a lot like Brooks' version to me.

Lil Rounds. "Independence Day." I remember Carrie Underwood doing this twice, and I didn't like it either time. But I like Lil's version a lot. Her voice is really good--strong but never screechy or shouty.

Adam Lambert. "Ring of Fire." Oh wow. First off, I have been fast forwarding through a lot of this, and thought that the celebrity mentor was Lyle Lovett. But it's actually Randy Travis. When did that happen?! Back to Adam, I knew I was in for a special treat because of Bailey's e-mail. And...I don't even know what to say. I really, really want to hate this guy, with the hair and the eyeliner and everything that would imply he's totally gross and phony, but I can't help myself. I like him!

Scott MacIntyre. "Wild Angels." Blech. I am just not a fan of this guy. He's going to be one of those guys who does love ballads every week, except for the weeks that he does inspirational songs.

Alexis Grace. "Jolene." I didn't think it was her best vocal performance, but I find her very likable.

Danny Gokey. "Jesus Take the Wheel." I don't like this song, and I don't like Danny's performances that much either.

Anoop Desai. "Always on my Mind." I just didn't think that came close to the original and wasn't that good. And I'm totally blown away, because the judges completely disagree with me.

Megan Joy I Dropped My Last Name. "Walkin' After Midnight." Yuck. She seems like she's totally acting, and and she pronounces her vowels oddly--like she was putting an accent? I don't get how she made it to this point in the first place.

Matt Giraud. "So Small." I liked Matt a lot the past two weeks, but I thought this was just a bad song--too sappy.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bill Clinton's shaky thumb: an update

A few months ago I posted about Bill Clinton's thumb shaking (seemingly uncontrollably) during a Daily Show appearance. Commentors had noticed it, but no one knew if there was a problem, although some posited that it might be Parkinson's.

Looks like Bill Clinton has been tested, and he says that it isn't Parkinson's. Rather, it's just something that happens when one ages.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Battlestar goes to the U.N.

Apparently everyone can take some lessons from Battlestar Galactica. The U.N. is hosting a panel discussion (invitation-only, unfortunately) to examine how the show dealt with issues that are relevant and pressing on actual Earth. The discussion is March 17--three days before the series finale (which I didn't realize was so soon). So say we all.


Veronica Mars movie? Rejoice!

Maybe the other Mars fans who (used to) write for this blog have already heard, but there are serious talks to bring Veronica back as a movie. I'm so excited!

Exciting News

It looks like Friday Night Lights will be alive and well, and if the deal goes through, we are looking at two seasons.

And the Arrested Development movie looks like a go.

All in all, very, very, very good news.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol: Top 13

I know the blog has been pretty much dead, but I'm wondering whether my American Idol posts can bring it back. I find that I'm far more likely to post if I feel like others are actually reading, and I'm honestly not sure whether anyone still is at this point. So if you're reading, comment please! Then I'll keep writing.

Lil Rounds. "The Way You Make Me Feel." First off, her name cracks me up. Gobo thinks it is a stage name, but I don't think so. As for her performance, I actually think she's really good and talented, but I thought she uneven--some really good moments, some not so good ones.

Scott MacIntyre. "Keep the Faith." I don't even know this Michael Jackson song. I understand not really wanting to deal with the the fact that you will be compared to a well-loved song, but this song was just crappy. Plus, I didn't think he did a very good job of it. It was so blah and boring. And with what Kara says it sounds like he has a great career in inspirational singing. Again...boring.

Danny Gokey. "PYT." So I kind of get a Taylor Hicks vibe from him, but I also think he can be pretty entertaining. It will be interesting to which side (Taylor Hicks vs. Pretty Entertaining) wins out. Gobo says that Paula must be really drunk tonight if she's already crying and we're only at the third contestant. Interesting that Simon said he reminded him of Michael MacDonald. You know who reminds me of Michael MacDonald? Taylor Hicks.

Michael Sarver. "You Are Not Alone." And we have our first official terrible performance. Gobo says "he looks like a bully, doesn't he? Doesn't he?" I don't understand the judges' critique at all. I thought he was horrible. Gobo also doesn't like how we have to listen to four judges now. We think they should have just replaced Randy with Kara, because at least she can provide more than just three catchphrases. Randy should have to watch the finale season of "Extras." Is he having a laugh?

Jasmine Murray. "I'll Be There." I thought she had some trouble with the highest notes--she sounded flat--but I actually like her and would want to see her stick around for another try. I think with some more training she could be good--she sounds young. Gobo's comment: "Randy's looking much thinner."

Kris Allen. "Remember the Time." I hate this song. Is plaid back in style? On the one hand, it would be great because it would mean we had moved past the '80s and into the '90s. On the other hand, I'm not so sure I want to live with all the accompanying flannel. Gobo says if plaid is back he can go shopping in his storage unit.

Allison Iraheta. "Give It To Me." I usually don't like the deep, smoky-voiced women on Idol, but I think I like Allison. I think she did a good job with the song (another one I didn't know). And I'm shocked that she is 16. I would have thought she was 26. I think she looks kind of like a chubbier Rachel Bilson.

Anoop Desai. "Beat It." The jacket is cracking me up. I wish I would do the dance from the video. I actually kind of enjoyed it. Gobo: I'm so glad somebody sang "Beat It." Someone needs to do "Bad." I can't believe the judges thought it was horrible, and yet liked Michael Sarver. Sure, it wasn't the original, or a great performance, but I thought it was fun.

Jorge Nunez. "Never Can Say Goodbye." Gobo: "Who's this cretin?" It sounded like he was straining the entire song. I did not like it. Simon really did have a great response to Jorge's "I wasn't going to sing 'Bad' by Michael Jackson." (Simon: You sort of just did.)

Megan Joy Corkrey. "Rockin' Robin." Yuck. I don't understand why the judges have pushed her through to this point in the show. The 3/4 sleeve tattoo is so incongruous to me--she looks like a Mormon high schooler, and then you see the tattoo.

Adam Lambert. "Black or White." I cannot get past his wanna-be Pete Wentz hair. But to be fair, I can't get past it on Pete Wentz either. Despite all that, I thought he was pretty good! Or as Gobo says: "Where was he when INXS needed a new singer?"

Matt Giraud. "Human Nature." Matt is one of the few who stuck out in my mind from the last round--I actually liked him. And I liked him again tonight.

Alexis Grace. "Dirty Diana." I know the judges said it was a little indulgent, but I really liked it. I liked her in the semi-final round too.

I think this year might be more interesting than the past few--there are a few singers who seem to be legitimately strong this year.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Times Needs A New Headline Editor

"Obama Taps Clinton Ideas but Not Clinton Herself"

--NY Times, A21 (March 5, 2009)