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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Important Question

I have 21 unwatched episodes of Heroes on my TiVo. Is there anything worth watching in there?

Feeling Good

In honor of tonight's American Idol, I thought I'd post this awesome video of Nina Simone's "Feeling Good." Clearly, she kicks Adam's ass, but I don't know how she'd look in a shiny white suit.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol: Top 5

Sorry for the Idol absence the past few weeks; I hadn't been watching on the day of the episode. But tonight, I decided to cap off a fabulous night of watching the Caps beat the Rangers in game seven by watching Idol, so I'm back.

Kris Allen. "The Way You Look Tonight." Didn't like his version of the song. It was too slow and drawn out, and it wasn't anything we haven't heard before. From the judges' table, I hadn't realized this before, but Kara really sounds like she is reciting something from memory. I'm sure she is, but couldn't she act less wooden?

Alison Ireheta. "Someone to Watch Over Me." I really liked Alison's rendition. It was a little bit different, but still faithful to the song, and her voice sounded great. She did a really, really good job. And Randy's right, she does look like Brittany Murphy.

Matt Giraud. "My Funny Valentine." This should be a night that is good for Matt. Unfortunately, I think this pales in comparison to Melinda's version two years ago. And I hate the glory note at the end.

Danny Gokey. "Come Rain or Come Shine." I'm just not a Danny fan. I thought there were uneven parts, but I actually thought the ending was strong.

Adam Lambert. "Feeling Good." Except for the really high note, I thought it was off-night for Adam. And Randy saying he's sounding like a broken record was pretty funny. He's always a broken record. His vocabulary consists of about 12 words.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I hate Versus

Who at Versus decided it would be a good idea to stop coverage the Devils/Hurricanes game, when it was tied 3-3 with four minutes left in the third period, to switch over to their studio show "Hockey Central," billed as "[h]ighlights and updates on the day's NHL action." The intro to hockey central was footage of the fans walking into the stadium for the Ducks/Sharks game, scheduled to begin a half hour later. And then when Carolina scored, they didn't even break into their coverage.

But don't worry, Versus. The game ended with the Hurricanes scoring with .2 seconds left on the clock, ending the game and tying the series, while Martin Brodeur went nuts on the officials and smashed his stick into the boards. That doesn't sound like it was worth watching at all.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

American Idol: Top Eight

I'm just going to jump to this week's critiques.

Danny Gokey. "Stand By Me." Oh no. We're five notes in and I know this is going to be very, very wrong. The judges thought it was great, and I feel like I'm on a different planet. Simon said it was good?! I'm at a loss.

Kris Allen. "All She Wants To Do Is Dance." This was really bad too. It's kind of sad, because although I have been thinking Kris is really bland and forgettable, he has been better the past couple of weeks, and then this week was terrible. Paula continues to be her erudite self, describing the song as "the most melodically same notes song."

Lil Rounds. I just remembered this week's theme. Songs from the singer's birth year. And here's Lil singing "What's Love Got To Do With It." I cannot believe this song came out the year she was born. Wow. Lil is interesting to me. I feel like she has a really good voice, but she has been picking the wrong songs.

Anoop Desai. "True Colors." I'll be unhappy if he ruins Cyndi Lauper. Guess what? I'm unhappy. Yet the judges aren't. This is so weird.

Scott MacIntyre. "The Search." My mom's favorite song. Yes, seriously. Oh my god--this is one of the more hysterical things I have watched in a long time. This was a perfect choice for Scott because it's so over-the-top cheesy and he can sing all over-the-top cheesy and it will seem okay.

Alison Iraheta. "I Can't Make You Love Me." I have never liked this song. I really like Alison, though, and think she is really talented. As I say every week.

Matt Giraud. "Part-time Lover." No. He was not born the same year as "Part-time Lover." How old is he? 12? I really like Matt and I really hate this. I mean, I don't understand what he was thinking and don't know what to say. Of course, on this absolutely bizarre day, the judges adore it and think it's the greatest thing ever. I'm just floored.

And...that's it. My recording stopped at one hour, but Adam hasn't sung yet. Which means I can't watch. And they gave him the pimp spot, so he probably kicked ass. It's been six minutes since I wrote the previous sentence. I called my parents and they confirmed that Adam did, in fact, kick ass. And that Simon gave him a standing ovation. And yet the video is not available on youtube. I can't believe youtube has failed me.

Okay, it took an hour, but I found it. Adam Lambert singing "Mad World," by Tears for Fears. I thought he was good, but I didn't think he was amazing enough for Simon to actually stand. In my internet search for Adam's performance, I found that the show did go long, and anyone on the east coast who taped the show missed Adam. How does that impact Adam's votes? I would think that having all of the DVR viewers in the eastern time zone missing the performance would have a pretty significant impact. Will they just give everyone a reprieve and go into next week? Will the judges just use their save on him?

Top two: Adam, Alison (this was a pretty weak week)
Bottom two: Anoop and Danny

Who will be in the actual bottom two: Scott and Adam (if they actually count the votes and don't make an exception)

Going home: Scott


Odds and Ends

1. In news to make Red Fraggle very happy, both Sydney and Michael are coming to the new Melrose Place. While I may have watched the original for a time (you will have to hook me up to a lie detector to know for sure), I have no plans to watch the remake.

2. A poignant and funny tribute from Keith Olbermann to his mom who died on Saturday.

3. As I previously mentioned, we are currently in the best sports week of the year. Well, the NCAA Championship game was a dud (no disrespect to the Tar Heals), but baseball is back and the Masters starts in 2 days. After watching Tiger at Bay Hill, it is hard not to think he will win again; of course, we always think Tiger will win, and he amazingly does it about 30% of the time. Now, if the Yankees can start playing better . . . .