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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Frak Earth

The title of this post refers to some graffiti on a wall in the Galactica, and seeing it was one of my favorite moments of last night's great but confusing episode. So without further adieu, spoilers are ahead.

Before last night's episode of Battlestar, Bailey, Holt and I e-mailed regarding the identity of the final Cylon. Bailey said she didn't think it would be Starbuck, because that was too obvious. Holt and I agreed. I said I wanted it to be Lee, because it would be so confusing (since presumably Admiral Adama remembers the birth of his son). Holt was hoping it would be great if it were Gaeta, since the final four tried to execute him for being a Cylon collaborator (before they found out they were Cylons, of course).

But none of us guessed Ellen. Ellen?! Where did that come from? Despite thinking Starbuck was too obvious, I assumed it was her when she found the her dog tags on the dead body. But no. Ellen. Ellen seems such a minor character to choose for the final four--I was expecting it to be someone who really mattered, like Lee or Starbuck or Roslyn or Adama. But Ellen? And where is she now? I guess the Cylon love triangle of Ellen-Saul-Six could be interesting, once Ellen returns (as I assume she will).

Of course, I am totally confused about Starbuck. As she herself asked, what is she? She could lead everyone to earth, she paints weird pictures, and her dead body has been sitting on Earth? I'm totally confused.

As for the rest of the episode, the other major surprises were that the Final Five had lived on Earth 2000 years ago (I loved, loved, loved that Sam was some kind of rock star back in the day), that the 13th tribe was a Cylon tribe, and that Dee killed herself. I was actually really shocked when Dee pulled out that gun--I wasn't expecting it at all.

I also wasn't expecting President Roslyn to just shrivel up and refuse to deal with reality. That's not the Laura Roslyn I love. (As a sidenote, when Sarah Palin was first chosen as McCain's VP candidate, Gobo began calling her President Roslyn. Although there is a slight resemblance, this made me very upset and I had him stop.) I was, however, happy to see Adama turn to Tigh. Although it began with anger, it was clear he really just wanted to talk to his best friend.

And since I'm on the topic of best friends...where the hell was Starbuck's best friend, Helo? We saw him for about two minutes when he and Athena left Hera with Dee, and that was it. I hope this isn't a sign of a diminished role through the rest of this season, because I really love Helo. And Starbuck needs a friend right now anyway.

Last night, just before watching the episode, I watched the webisodes, which were about Gaeta. They ended with a total cliffhanger--Gaeta telling his boyfriend that he was going to talk to Adama and cryptically speaking about what might happen if it didn't work out. The boyfriend was just as confused as I was. And the boyfriend (I'm sure he has a name) seemed shocked that Gaeta would talk to Adama "of all people." I was totally confused, and last night's episode didn't help to clear anything up. I'm sure that will be resolved in episodes to come.

I realize this is a totally disjointed post--really just a ramble of my thoughts after the episode. I'm so glad that Battlestar is back, and so sad it will soon be over.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh My God

Stringer Bell is going to be on The Office! I guess I'm going to have to start watching!

I have really enjoyed seeing the actors from The Wire show up on other shows. Marlo on Heroes! Frank Sobatka on Life on Mars! Avon Barksdale on House! They're like old friends. Old friends who used to be criminals, that is.

Set Your TiVos

America's Best Dance Crew is returning for season 3 tonight (at 10 on MTV).

And Friday Night Lights returns tomorrow at 9.

And Battlestar Galactica returns tomorrow at 10.

An embarrassment of riches.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Annoying Things about Last Week's Grey's Anatomy

1. Sloan and Lexi have no chemistry whatsoever and that whole storyline is laughable.

2. Derek's holier than thou attitude to the death row guy was annoying. If you hate your patient so much that you can't act professionally maybe you should recuse yourself. I realize that he's like the only neurosurgeon at Seattle Grace, but surely there are other ones in Seattle.

3. Denny. Why oh why do they continue this storyline? By all rights, they should just try to forget that the whole thing ever happened, but they can't leave it alone. I can't think of any reason except to make people hate Izzie and Katherine Heigl even more.

That is all.