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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol: Top 13

I know the blog has been pretty much dead, but I'm wondering whether my American Idol posts can bring it back. I find that I'm far more likely to post if I feel like others are actually reading, and I'm honestly not sure whether anyone still is at this point. So if you're reading, comment please! Then I'll keep writing.

Lil Rounds. "The Way You Make Me Feel." First off, her name cracks me up. Gobo thinks it is a stage name, but I don't think so. As for her performance, I actually think she's really good and talented, but I thought she uneven--some really good moments, some not so good ones.

Scott MacIntyre. "Keep the Faith." I don't even know this Michael Jackson song. I understand not really wanting to deal with the the fact that you will be compared to a well-loved song, but this song was just crappy. Plus, I didn't think he did a very good job of it. It was so blah and boring. And with what Kara says it sounds like he has a great career in inspirational singing. Again...boring.

Danny Gokey. "PYT." So I kind of get a Taylor Hicks vibe from him, but I also think he can be pretty entertaining. It will be interesting to which side (Taylor Hicks vs. Pretty Entertaining) wins out. Gobo says that Paula must be really drunk tonight if she's already crying and we're only at the third contestant. Interesting that Simon said he reminded him of Michael MacDonald. You know who reminds me of Michael MacDonald? Taylor Hicks.

Michael Sarver. "You Are Not Alone." And we have our first official terrible performance. Gobo says "he looks like a bully, doesn't he? Doesn't he?" I don't understand the judges' critique at all. I thought he was horrible. Gobo also doesn't like how we have to listen to four judges now. We think they should have just replaced Randy with Kara, because at least she can provide more than just three catchphrases. Randy should have to watch the finale season of "Extras." Is he having a laugh?

Jasmine Murray. "I'll Be There." I thought she had some trouble with the highest notes--she sounded flat--but I actually like her and would want to see her stick around for another try. I think with some more training she could be good--she sounds young. Gobo's comment: "Randy's looking much thinner."

Kris Allen. "Remember the Time." I hate this song. Is plaid back in style? On the one hand, it would be great because it would mean we had moved past the '80s and into the '90s. On the other hand, I'm not so sure I want to live with all the accompanying flannel. Gobo says if plaid is back he can go shopping in his storage unit.

Allison Iraheta. "Give It To Me." I usually don't like the deep, smoky-voiced women on Idol, but I think I like Allison. I think she did a good job with the song (another one I didn't know). And I'm shocked that she is 16. I would have thought she was 26. I think she looks kind of like a chubbier Rachel Bilson.

Anoop Desai. "Beat It." The jacket is cracking me up. I wish I would do the dance from the video. I actually kind of enjoyed it. Gobo: I'm so glad somebody sang "Beat It." Someone needs to do "Bad." I can't believe the judges thought it was horrible, and yet liked Michael Sarver. Sure, it wasn't the original, or a great performance, but I thought it was fun.

Jorge Nunez. "Never Can Say Goodbye." Gobo: "Who's this cretin?" It sounded like he was straining the entire song. I did not like it. Simon really did have a great response to Jorge's "I wasn't going to sing 'Bad' by Michael Jackson." (Simon: You sort of just did.)

Megan Joy Corkrey. "Rockin' Robin." Yuck. I don't understand why the judges have pushed her through to this point in the show. The 3/4 sleeve tattoo is so incongruous to me--she looks like a Mormon high schooler, and then you see the tattoo.

Adam Lambert. "Black or White." I cannot get past his wanna-be Pete Wentz hair. But to be fair, I can't get past it on Pete Wentz either. Despite all that, I thought he was pretty good! Or as Gobo says: "Where was he when INXS needed a new singer?"

Matt Giraud. "Human Nature." Matt is one of the few who stuck out in my mind from the last round--I actually liked him. And I liked him again tonight.

Alexis Grace. "Dirty Diana." I know the judges said it was a little indulgent, but I really liked it. I liked her in the semi-final round too.

I think this year might be more interesting than the past few--there are a few singers who seem to be legitimately strong this year.



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