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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Violet on the Runway

The release date of this book is slightly unfortunate, because I suspect it would have been perfect beach reading, but I am nevertheless going to strongly recommend all of you readers go to your nearest bookstore and pick up Violet on the Runway.

Why? First off, it's about a teenager who is tapped to become a model and uproots her life to NYC so she can negotiate the high-pressure industry. For anyone who has loved Sweet Valley High, Teen Magazine's "Great Model Search" (remember when Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and some other girl named Tiffany tied for the prize?) and America's Next Top Model, this is probably a must-read. Oh, and if you are a Tarheel (and I know we have at least one) some of the book takes place in Chapel Hill!

Also, it is written by one of my college classmates. She was the Features Editor of the school paper while I was the Senior Editor, and when I decided I wanted to be drunk my entire last semester of college instead of being Editor-in-Chief, she stepped in and did an amazing job. Which may help to explain why she is now a published author with a three-book deal and I am writing posts about quadraboob and South Park on this blog. But be that as it may, she is a really talented writer, and I'm sure her book reflects that.

Once I read the book, I'll report back with a review. But if any other Junkette finishes first, feel free to post your own review. I won't be offended.


Blogger Sally-Anne said...

No mention of our alma mater yet, but I'm only four chapters in! So far, our heroine hopes to go to Brown, which is kind of an in-reference itself.

10/16/2007 11:07 AM  

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