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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Reason #137 that Cass Sunstein Kicks Ass

Comb-overs are hott.

So, the Chronicle of Higher Education asked a bunch of scholars what their guilty pleasures were. Among the incredibly lame answers: bike-riding, Sudoku, studying languages, opening new text books, and landscape restoration. What is up with these people?

The only recognizably human response was from Cass Sunstein, who cited his love for Lost, including having visited Lostpedia. Now that's more like it.


Blogger Corina said...

The fear of being surrounded by people who consider "landscape restoration" a guilty pleasure is one of the many many reasons I lost all desire to be an academic despite the kick-ass hours.

10/10/2007 4:53 PM  
Blogger Samantha Baker said...

Good God, what ever happened to reading US Weekly, or listening to singer-songwriter songs from the 70s? Jeez, opening new text books? I feel sadness for that person.

10/11/2007 12:11 PM  

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