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Monday, October 01, 2007

Why I hate Grey's Anatomy

So much for a witty post title. Last week, I posted that I really thought I was going to give up Grey's Anatomy. But I have a hard time dropping a show in the middle of its life, so I decided to tune in for the season premiere to see if it was more tolerable than I remembered.

It wasn't. There were two storylines in the episode that absolutely drove me nuts.

First, Lexy Grey. Much like essentially every other doctor at Seattle Grace, she has no concept of how to be appropriate. Near the beginning of the episode we learn there is a huge car pile up, and that the victims are being brought to the hospital. These victims, of course, are the medical stories we will follow throughout the rest of the episode. As the victims come rolling in, Meredith is directing her interns and trying to figure out what to do next. And Lexy walks up and tells Meredith her first name. At which point Meredith tells her to get moving, clearly busy trying to...I don't know, save a life or two. But Lexy then chooses that moment to tell Meredith she is her sister. Yeah, totally inappropriate. To further showcase her bad timing, she then interrupts Meredith as she is having a conversation with Derek. Now at this point, Lexy has no idea Meredith and Derek are dating. But she doesn't have a problem walking up to two superior doctors (one an attending and the other a resident) and interrupting their conversation about a patient to apologize to Meredith for having bad timing earlier.

I wasn't surprised, since this is exactly the type of inappropriate behavior Meredith and Izzy engaged in for the first three seasons of the show. Actually, Meredith showcased another example during the first scene of the episode, when she showed the interns the cots they can sleep in and awkardly started babbling about how they shouldn't sleep with each other and certainly not with attendings. Do Shonda Rhimes and the writers think we will find this charming? Amusing? Because certainly we aren't expected to find it realistic, right?

The second storyline that had me gritting my teeth was that of Miranda Bailey. At the end of last season, Bailey didn't make Chief Resident even though she expected to; Callie was given the honor instead. So for the entire episode Bailey pouted like a child, belittling Callie and constantly saying "not my responsibility" whenever something went wrong. Most ridiculous, however, was her treatment of the Chief. This man is the Chief of Surgery at the hospital. He is respected and he is her boss. When he asked, more than once, to speak with her, she again pouted, telling him that she refused to talk with him about the Chief Resident position. This is her boss. But because he chose not to give her a position she wanted, she refuses to speak to him?! This is appropriate?

And after that behavior, why would the Chief have given Bailey the job? She didn't show any maturity or ability to communicate. She didn't show any ability to deal with personal criticism (and not getting the position is an inherent critique). Wouldn't a reasonable person have tried to figure out what qualities they lacked if they weren't given the position? And if they couldn't come up with any, wouldn't the reasonable response be to ask the Chief what she could have done differently? Not here. Apparently the reaction a competent individual should have to such an affront is to throw a quiet temper tantrum. One thing the show could have done to redeem itself, slightly, would have been for the Chief to call Bailey on her crap and tell her she was acting like a child and that although she was struggling (on her first day in the position), Callie wasn't acting like an overgrown brat. But no, we got a stupid trumped-up excuse that Bailey wasn't chosen because she was such a good surgeon. Gag.

So yeah, I still hate Grey's Anatomy.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not the you need another reason to hate Grey's, but what about Izzy saving the dying deer?! Just ridiculous. I think it got somewhat better in the second episdoe of the season, but I really don't know what the writers are doing.

10/09/2007 11:50 AM  
Blogger I am a Miranda said...

Yeah -- I can't believe you forgot "Bambi."

10/09/2007 4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate this show so much i actualy used to like it [i think someone was spikeing my drinks] its so unrealistic and gay and are we suposed to fancy mcugly or something cos hes so ugly it hurts and people have the nerve to diss people like the stunning jedward the world has gone mad by the way i love john and edward aka jedward

12/30/2009 6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god this show is so bad...
Not only is the plot completely unrealistic but the techniques the director uses the faux ass cliches line thats are vomited out every week by these "writers" (my gfirend watches this garbage) but the thing I hate the most is the way they play music in between the scenes (like the same song continuously playing through 5 different scenes at a time) Oh god it makes me want to stab myself in the face just to make it stop!
This is the most cheap, gimmicky over emotional garbage. Oh and lets not start talking about the casting (ugly ass women and all hot guys) such a cheap device for those desperate housewives to feel good about themselves... like oh yeah I can to relate to her... yes its possible for me to get a hot guy like that... NO IT IS NOT!!!!
Ahhhh I feel better...

4/13/2011 11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My gf discovered it's on netflix....

8/20/2011 12:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You do realise that this is supposed to be an entertaining show and not a guide on what's 'appropriate' and how people should act when working in hospitals?

9/28/2011 2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You do realise that this is supposed to be an entertaining show and not a guide on what's 'appropriate' and how people should act when working in hospitals?"

And do you realize that if you are going to make a show entertaining do not make it so obnoxious and serious if this is entertainment, then make it a dark comedy at least. This problem with these shows is there is not a clear separation between serious drama and silly drama. It is a mishmash of various types of drama that confuses people like me that makes me think what is real here and what is not. More importantly then that the characters are just assholes, who is likable in a show like that anyways?

1/13/2012 5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this show has gone on for too long. needs to be cancelled.

3/27/2012 12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My 27yr old daughter is watching it as I type. I hate this show. I hate it so much. I too want to stab my eyes with the music and the childish conversations. It's like a bunch of 7th graders are working in a hospital. An episode on how responsibility sucks. Really?!? And 'my fingernail poked through the glove yesterday and nicked her heart, I guess I should've mentioned it then'. The agony of listening to nonstop childish outbursts Seperated only by annoying music. Make it stop!

Aaaaahhhhhhh..........she's watching another episode!!!!!

8/18/2012 4:43 PM  
Anonymous decesares1 said...

The girlfriend's watching it now, and it's unbearable. Some guy with a gun has just stuck up the whole ER, and now the SWAT team is moving in... you know, this is all just another typical day in the life of surgeons and doctors! Oh, and I bet I know how this episode ends, too... one of the female surgeons is going to flirt with one of the male doctors, leaving the dimwitted, inexplicably intrigued viewer to wonder what's to come! *pukes*

8/27/2012 9:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This show has gone on waaaay too long. Stick a fork in it....it's done! I watched it religiously for years, even though Meredith and Cristina make me want to puke. The plane crash was the final straw...desperate attempt to keep a story line going. The only enjoyable thing about the show is Jesse Williams, and he should get out while the getting's good! Just let the show go already; it's done.

2/17/2013 3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am watching now from the very beginning on Amazon Prime for free in HD streaming. I have MIXED feelings. SOME episodes are great..the Bazooka rocket inside a person...the open heart surgery in a stuck elevator. Others not so good.
But the breathy, soft whining female songs wafting through scene after scene after scene makes me want to drive a nail into my head. MAKE IT STOOOOP!
Almost 90% of the music is EXCLUSIVELY female breathy vocals. Arrg. Just SO ANNOYING!
The Meredith character is FAR too wounded and has the weirdest issues. Women BOND and IDENTIFY with this character? There is no hope for female kind is that is the case. Katy Heigle has NICE huge boobs and pretty hair and face, so there is that! She looks like a giant compared to other female cast members.

6/20/2013 6:49 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an registered nurse who worked for years in a teaching hospital I've hated Grey's Anatomy from the very first episode. Two of the most annoying details in the show are what I call a 'game breaker'. One of these details (which I consider quite important) involves the writers inserting scenes where the doctors in the show perform MANY procedures that doctors never 'lower' themselves to do in real life but instead those duties are always delegated to nurses. Another aspect of the show is the blatant fornicative nature of seemingly EVERY character in the show. There is a continual flow of non-professional interactions that happen on hospital time. If real life nurses and doctors did such things constantly (key word) they would be disciplined harshly.

Do doctors regularly push IV drugs? No. Do doctors hands-on put in catheters, change settings on IV pumps or even remove IV's? No. In fact with the exception of interns (who are still technically on the learning curve) doctors themselves rarely touch the patient if at all except during a code. Doctors rely on nurses to properly assess the patient, report those findings then carry out the treatment. Nurses in teaching hospitals also contribute largely to the medical education of interns which is NEVER shown in medical shows.

Do doctors and nurses have inappropriate relationships in real life? Yes, but those incidences are rare on the whole and I find the blatancy and frequency depicted in most medical TV shows (and especially GA) to be offensive to the majority of the many professionals in medicine who would never think of acting that way.

I don't want to even elaborate too much on the title character Meredith who lacks character depth and comes off as a complete emotional hot mess. In real life I could never respect a doctor who acts like that and the possibility of a doctor like that being promoted is NIL.

8/31/2016 1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you need to find an on call room , you are wound up over a show. We get it your a nurse I guess and the poor nurses are not getting enough attention on the show. While the actual doctors are. The ones that went to medical school. So sick of hearing how much better nurses think they are then the actual doctors. Get a life. If you don't like it , dont watch it.

11/26/2016 5:05 AM  
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