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Monday, October 01, 2007

Brit and Pam

Just made my daily UsWeekly/People stops and two stories have me shaking my head. First: Britney's lost custody of her kids. I . . . don't really know what to say about that that hasn't already been said. How long can this downward spiral last? A mere 12 months ago who would have thought the tide would have turned and people would be rooting for K-Fed as the parent with his shit together? I'm of course I need to know WHY Britney lost custody now as opposed to a few weeks ago. Did she fail one of the court-ordered drug tests? Fail to submit to one? Did the recent tabloid confessions of a former bodyguard play a role? And most importantly, why the HELL do I care? But I do. Which is why I post on a pop culture website so I should just go with it right and abandon all shame?

In a similar vein of why the hell do I care and unanswered questions . . . what is with Pamela Anderson's increasingly dubious choices in men? Tommy Lee . . . ok. Certain amount of wacked out charm. Anybody else watch that "reality" show where he went to college? I kind of found that amusing. Kid Rock? Myeh. Couldn't really see that one, but whatever, people like him. But RICK SALOMON? SERIOUSLY? He of "One Night in Paris" 'fame'? The man who led Shannen Doherty to deck said Paris Hilton? What the hell? You really must check out the US story on using sexual favors to pay a gambling debt and "falling in love". It's priceless.

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