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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol: Top 5

Sorry for the Idol absence the past few weeks; I hadn't been watching on the day of the episode. But tonight, I decided to cap off a fabulous night of watching the Caps beat the Rangers in game seven by watching Idol, so I'm back.

Kris Allen. "The Way You Look Tonight." Didn't like his version of the song. It was too slow and drawn out, and it wasn't anything we haven't heard before. From the judges' table, I hadn't realized this before, but Kara really sounds like she is reciting something from memory. I'm sure she is, but couldn't she act less wooden?

Alison Ireheta. "Someone to Watch Over Me." I really liked Alison's rendition. It was a little bit different, but still faithful to the song, and her voice sounded great. She did a really, really good job. And Randy's right, she does look like Brittany Murphy.

Matt Giraud. "My Funny Valentine." This should be a night that is good for Matt. Unfortunately, I think this pales in comparison to Melinda's version two years ago. And I hate the glory note at the end.

Danny Gokey. "Come Rain or Come Shine." I'm just not a Danny fan. I thought there were uneven parts, but I actually thought the ending was strong.

Adam Lambert. "Feeling Good." Except for the really high note, I thought it was off-night for Adam. And Randy saying he's sounding like a broken record was pretty funny. He's always a broken record. His vocabulary consists of about 12 words.



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