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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did any humans die to make this outfit?

On tonight's Project Runway (spoilers ahead), we saw the four remaining designers working on their Fashion Week collections, and then watched as Chris and Rami chose their three top collection designs to show the judges, to determine who would be in the running to win the competition (I won't say to determine who would go to Fashion Week, because we know that all four designers, plus Sweet Pea, got to show at Bryant Park).

The biggest shock that everyone seemed to have was that Chris used human hair in his designs. Everyone seemed grossed out by the idea that human hair was in his designs. But how is that more disgusting than leather? Or fur? I have to imagine the hair came from humans who voluntarily gave it. So why would Heidi be reluctant to wear human hair but had leather Louboutins on her feet while she made that statement?

As for the elimination, I really thought that Chris' three outfits were really great. I particularly loved the jacket and safety pin skirt combo, and the flapper dress with the skirt of hair was cute as well. The Elvira dress looked like it was impossible to walk in, but was still pretty cool if you were six feet tall and weighed 100 pounds. Rami's collection, on the other hand, was not something I loved. I didn't get why he put a chunky sweater over his asymmetric cocktail dress, and I thought the back of the dress was unflattering on his model. The blue coat was kind of cool, but nothing super exciting. The evening dress was his best design, but, as with Chris' evening dress, his model could walk in it.

I thought that Chris was definitely going to make it to the final three, so I was surprised when Rami did instead. I was sad for Chris for a minute, because he really seemed sad, but then I remembered that he still gets to go to Fashion Week!

Next week should be interesting. We didn't get to see much of Christian and Jillian's collections. I wonder if having months to design a collection will benefit Jillian and hurt Christian. Christian was such a fast worker throughout the competition that he was able to finish far more than his competitors under the artificial time pressures the show imposes. Jillian, on the other hand, was a slow worker and struggled to complete her design every week. Now that there are no time constraints, I think Jillian has a great chance of winning the entire competition. Of course, there is really no question that Christian is really talented. As for Rami, my guess is that he'll end up in third place.