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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Idol, 10 men

I forgot to blog about the American Idol men last week, but I'm here tonight. It looks like this week is '70s week. Since last week was '60s week, could it mean that next week will be '80s week? We can only hope.

Michael Johns. "Go Your Own Way." This is just awful. His voice sounded bad throughout--like the notes were too low during the verses, and just off-key during the chorus. The performance was generally blah and boring, and he seemed to miss what the song is about being really angry with someone.

Jason Castro. "I Just Want to be Your Everything." He sounded okay--better than last week, when everyone else adored him but I didn't love him. Didn't love it this week, didn't hate it.

Luke Menard. "Killer Queen." His voice sounded far better this week than last (and this is a tough song), but I think he did himself a disservice by showing his a cappella group, because during this performance I definitely saw the influences of a cappella--the performance was just kind of hokey.

Robbie Carrico. "Hot Blooded." His voice sounded good, but, like the three performances before him, he lacked charisma and energy. It just feels like he is going through the motions.

Danny Noriega. "Superstar." Ah, American Idol's answer to Christian from Project Runway. I usually fast forward through the personal stories before the performance, but I caught him saying that "we broke up," while a photo of him and a girl flashed on the screen and I had to rewind, because I thought he Idol was going to try to tell us Danny had a girlfriend. Luckily, no--he was just talking about a band he was in. Phew. As for his rendition of "Superstar," I thought it wasn't bad (and I really love that song). Far better than last week, although he still looks scared on stage.

David Hernandez. "Papa Was a Rolling Stone." He did a really good job--his voice sounded really good. The song was a weird choice--not the type of thing you typically see on Idol--but he did nice work with it. Definitely better than the guys who went before him.

Jason Yeager. "Long Train Runnin'." He's doing a little bit of the Axl Rose in his performance, although at least he is trying to dance around a bit. Unfortunately, his high notes sound shrill and he generally sounds off-key.

Chikezie. "Know My Name." Last week I was not a friend of Chikezie, but this week he was really, really good! Definitely my favorite thus far, especially when he worked his name into the song. His voice sounded really good and he was fun on stage. Except--why was he wearing a polo shirt with two collars? It looks so Carlton Banks. And Gobo thought some of his dance moves looked more like he was "trying to give birth to an elephant." I hope next week he sings "I'm Chikeze. Chikezie like Sunday morning."

David Cook. "All Right Now." Another one who was good, but just didn't excite me. And his hair is absolutely awful.

David Archiletta. "Imagine." Some songs should be off-limits to American Idol contestants, and this is one of them. He actually sounds really good on it, voice-wise, but I just hate anyone taking this song and embellishing it, adding little high notes or runs. And although I thought his voice was clear and pretty, I wouldn't say it was one of the best Idol vocals ever, as Randy did, or that the other 19 contestants must be really upset right now, as Simon believes.

At least the guys this year can actually sing. Who should go home: Michael Johns, Jason Yaeger. Who will go home: Jason Yaeger, Luke Menard. And after my hatred last week, Chikezie is my new favorite.

On another note, has anyone noticed Simon's right hand thing, where he has been holding his thumb to his head and the rest of his fingers are sticking out? Is this some new pose he has adopted?



Anonymous Danielle said...

Well... Don't leave me this way is NOT a Donna Summer song. Thelma Houston did that one. And yes I did notice Simon's strange hand thing. It's very annoying!

2/28/2008 2:53 PM  
Blogger Red Fraggle said...

Oh my god! I had no idea. I'll have to add something to the post.

2/28/2008 3:46 PM  

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