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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clear eyes. Full Hearts. Can't lose? Save Friday Night Lights!

Since the end of the writers' strike I have been obsessively following news about whether Friday Night Lights will be renewed for a third season. The news hasn't been looking good. On every list of television shows I have seen, FNL seems to fall in the "future uncertain" category.

But there are now some rumblings that not all hope is lost. Last week, Variety reported that the show may be picked up by another network (according to Isaac, who sent me an e-mail about it on the 12th, unfortunately, I can't find a link), and yesterday they ran a story saying NBC is actively shopping the show to other networks as part of a plan in which NBC would share the show with the other network. They say that the CW, E!, TNT and DirecTV are all in the mix.

Personally, I don't care who picks up the show, as long as it is picked up. I'll even switch to DirecTV if I have to. However, if none of the other networks bite, I really hope NBC allows the show to film a few more episodes to air this season (or in the summer?) just so fans can get some closure. I hate that the last episode I watched involved no Buddy Garrity, Coach Taylor fighting with Tami's obnoxious ex, Jason trying to convince his one-night stand to have his miracle baby, and Riggins going to church in an attempt to get Lila back. Don't get me wrong--I enjoyed the episode. But it clearly wasn't meant to be a last episode for the season, let alone for the series. I know the chances of NBC actually resuming production just to make a few fans happy isn't likely, but I guess I'll keep hoping.

For those interested in keeping the show on the air, visit:
MySpace (this may be related to the "Save Friday Night Lights" link above, but as a non-MySpace user, I'm confused)

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