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Monday, February 25, 2008

Big Brother 9: is anyone else watching?

This is embarassing, but...is anyone else watching Big Brother 9? I haven't been a faithful viewer of the show over the years, but when I realized they were airing the show this winter, in the midst of the writers' strike, I started DVRing it.

So if anyone else is watching the show:

1.) Could there be a worse girlfriend than Jen? She told the people in the house, and the viewing audience, that her boyfriend was racist so they would vote him off instead of her. And then she lied to him and told him she hadn't said that. Does she not think he will watch the show when they eventually leave the house?

2.) Why does the Big Brother camera blur out James' shoulder tattoo? Is it a McDonalds arch or something? Curse words? A depiction of a graphic sex act? Why can't the camera show it?

3.) What possible strategic reason did Allison and Sheila have for lying about being a lesbian couple who knew each other before showing up in the Big Brother house? They already saw that the four people who had relationships with other contestants outside of the house were branded liars by everyone else on the show and were either eliminated or put up for elimination. And yet, for no discernible reason, they decided to make up a story that they had been in a romantic relationship outside of the house. Then to make matters worse for themselves, about a week later they told everyone they had been lying. Why? Does this make sense to anyone?

4.) Joshuah and Chelsia are pretty mean people, but no one seems to acknowledge this truth. Amanda (who is completely annoying) told people in the house that her dad committed suicide years ago by hanging himself. Later, Joshuah, among others, got angry with Amanda, with Joshuah sarcastically recommending she "get a halo," at which point Chelsia suggested "or a noose," and Joshuah, to make sure no one missed Chelsia's subtle subtext, responded "like her dad." What is wrong with these people? (In addition to the fact that their parents were apparently incapable of spelling.) It's one thing to be upset with someone on the show, but it's quite another to make fun of someone's father's suicide. And yet no one seemed to think it was all that bad. Sure, a few contestants interviewed that Joshuah had crossed the line (Chelsia seems to have gotten a free pass), but almost immediately afterwards, there was no fallout.

5.) Why am I watching this show?



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