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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol, 10 women

Carly Smithson. "Crazy on You." Again, I don't think she is that great. Her voice seems to get thin when she goes into the higher notes. Randy actually criticized her voice on the lower notes, but I don't think that was the problem. Carly says she "always wanted to perform [Crazy on You] on American Idol." Always? Idol has only been on the air since June 2002. So that's less than six years ago. Is six years "always?"

Syesha Mercado. "Me and Mr(s). Jones." I have never heard this song before (this isn't Counting Crows' "Mr. Jones"), but I thought she sounded really good on it. I continue to like her, two weeks in a row.

Brooke White. "You're So Vain." Brooke sitting on the stool, playing her guitar, singing Carly Simon, makes me think that she really should be a folk singer. The one problem was that she had trouble with the low notes, but other than that it sounded right with her. It was a little odd when she just stopped playing guitar in the middle, but I thought she did a nice job. Gobo's contribution: "Her hair looks really good this time. Last time it looked like she got out of a wind tunnel."

Ramiele Malubay. "Don't Leave Me This Way." Historically, contestants love choosing Donna Summer songs, but do a horrible job singing them. Ramiele actually didn't slaughter the song, though. But she's no Donna Summer. And she didn't move very much on the stage. How do you sing Donna Summer and not dance around? And Randy critiquing the song...I don't get it. I love the '70s too, and agree there are a lot of great songs from the decade, but how is this not right up there? Craziness! Don't mess with Donna Summer disco songs.
ETA: Reader Danielle has informed me that this is a Thelma Houston and NOT a Donna Summer song. Uh-oh. So basically much of what I wrote above can be ignored. But I still like the song. (Although apparently not enough to know who sang it.)

Kristy Lee Cook. "You're No Good." A huge improvement over last week. I guess being sick was really a big factor in the previous performance. The problem with the song is that it is pretty repetitive. But I thought she sounded really good.

Amanda Overmyer. "Carry On My Wayward Son." About ten years ago a friend and I, mere college students at the time, decided to take a short road trip from New York to Baltimore. We didn't have any particular reason to go to Baltimore, other than the fact that we thought it was totally random to go to Baltimore. We put a sign on the back of the car that said "Baltimore or Bust" and when we finally drove into the city we looked out the windows, said "this looks like a shithole," and kept driving until we got to DC. We stayed at a really run down Days Inn in Northeast DC (a place that, every time I pass it now, I can't believe I stayed there and made it out alive). It rained the entire car ride from DC back to NY, until we got to the George Washington Bridge, at which point the sun burst out of the clouds at the exact moment that "Carry On My Wayward Son" came on the radio. It was a great moment. Far greater than Amanda Overmyer's performance today, which was really weak and out of her range. I was actually surprised that she didn't do a better job. And Paula told her to wear less makeup. Ouch.

Alaina Whittaker. "Hopelessly Devoted." I'm surprised by the negative reactions from the judges. I thought she sounded really good. Sure, she's not Kristen Chenowyth singing the song on Pushing Daisies, but she sounded good.

Alexandrea Lushington. "If You Leave Me Now." CHICAGO!!!!! There is not nearly enough Chicago sung on American Idol. But is she cold? Why is wearing a hooded puffer vest? With shorts? Gobo just hit the nail on the head with this one--"it was a horrible arrangement, she had some problems with the notes, but I still liked it and it's such a great song." Okay, Gobo and I are both really big Chicago fans. Who doesn't love Chicago. Well, Simon Cowell, it appears.

Kady Malloy. "Magic Man." I could barely hear her singing. I think she's going home this week. She sounded good at the very end, but that was about it.

Asia'h Epperson. "All By Myself." I remember when LaToya kicked ass on this in season three. Poor Asia'h. She just didn't sing a note there near the beginning. She picked it up near the end, but she was definitely no LaToya. I thought she sounded weak.

Who should go home: Kady, Amanda. Who will go home: Kady, Alaina. Or, and I'm worried about this one, possibly Syesha.



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