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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The extent of my desperation

I know I haven't been a very prolific poster lately, and I apologize. But honestly, life is just too depressing. There is barely anything on television (can the producers PLEASE give the writers what they want already?!). And when there is barely anything on television, my life becomes very, very sad.

How sad? Over the past few weeks, I have done the following.

1.) Begun watching Celebrity Apprentice. Yes, I know I said I was giving up the Apprentice. Mainly because it's dumb and not at all entertaining anymore. And yet, I have DVRed every episode this season, and will continue to do so. Is the show any good? No.

2.) I am watching Cashmere Mafia. At the beginning of the fall television season I told myself I had no desire to watch this show. (I was, however, planning on giving Lipstick Jungle a chance, mainly because Lindsay Price stars in it, and I like to support 90210 alums as much as possible.) Then it premiered and got pretty horrible reviews. And yet I was sad because I had forgotten to DVR the first episode, meaning there was a valuable hour of original television I would never get back. And now I have a season pass.

3.) For some reason, my DVR thinks that I have an interest in watching a show called October Road. I don't have a TiVo, just a DVR. And unlike TiVos, DVRs don't think. They don't choose shows for you based on your other preferences. But yet my DVR thinks I am going to like October Road and records all new episodes for me. Last year, when this happened, I watched an episode and determined that it was so awful I couldn't bear to watch more than ten minutes and would never again view the show. Unfortunately, my DVR continues to record it. Well, perhaps I actually meant fortunately. Because now that October Road has new episodes, I haven't been deleting them. I save them on my DVR, thinking that if I ever get so incredibly desperate, if I ever run out of new episodes of Celebrity Apprentice and Cashmere Mafia, I will still have new episodes October Road.

4.) Remember when I posted about Big Shots and asked whether it could be the "worst new fall show?" And then I gave it a "big thumbs down," proclaiming "so very bad," stating "the dialogue is awful," and declaring "no amount of eye candy is going to save this one?" I recorded the last two episodes. I watched them last night. I'm not sure if there are any more in the can but, if so, I'll be watching those as well. Oh, and my initial assessment of the show? Pretty spot-on.

As for tonight? I think there is a new episode of Carpoolers. (Remember, this is the show I compared, unfavorably, to Cavemen. Would that there were a new episode of Cavemen tonight.) Actually, it might be a rerun, but, to borrow NBC's discarded slogan, it's new to me. And at this point, that's all that really matters.



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