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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stop The Presses, Please

While I do not read Parade, I do receive it as part of my Washington Post subscription. So when I read the Post this past Sunday, I was greeted by the above cover. In case you are unsure, yes, that is Benazir Bhutto. And it seems that Parade is unaware that Bhutto was assassinated more than 10 days before this magazine came out. Considering that magazines are able to include stories about events that occurred 36 hours before they hit the newsstand (for example, the new Sports Illustrated, which came out yesterday morning, has LSU's victory on Monday night on the cover), one would think that something could have been done here. I took a quick look and saw no acknowledgement that events had superseded the article. Maybe there was something that I missed, but the cover makes apparent that Bhutto is profiled as a bulwark against terrorism. I hope there is another one.

Update: The Post's ombudsman discussed this issue today here.