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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Breakup over the phone

Ouch. A phone call breakup: it might not be so bad if you have been dating a few weeks, but after two and a half years, it's pretty cold.

But apparently that's what Jessica Alba did to Cash Warren. Told him she didn't love him anymore on the phone. And then, a few hours later, had an assistant move all of his belongings out of the home they shared.

Who knows, maybe there is more to the story. There have been rumors they were over for awhile now, and were just making public appearances for show (but really...for show? Who cares if Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are dating? He's only famous because of her, and she's only really famous because she is pretty, no matter how much she might say she wants to be considered a serious actress).

This doesn't do much to negate the rumors about her...stellar personality.


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