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Thursday, July 05, 2007

"I guess a baby really is the new accessory in Hollywood"

The title of this post can be attributed to my friend Carol Seaver, and was the last line in an exchange of e-mails between the two of us today about Nicole Richie's pregnancy.

Sure, we had both heard the rumors for weeks now. But neither of us believed them. The reason was quite simple: we couldn't believe that Nicole could possibly be pregnant because we couldn't imagine her body weight would permit ovulation. I was so skeptical that this biological process was occuring, in fact, that when Nicole arrested for her DUI and claimed she was on Vicodin to alleviate the pain from her menstrual cramps, I posted that it couldn't possibly be true because she couldn't possibly menstruate.

Now it looks like Carol and I must stand corrected. I still absolutely no idea how her body is going to be able to sustain a fetus. And I'm still just incredulous that this could have happened. I keep waiting for some kind of retraction, but it doesn't appear that's going to happen. But really...how can this be?!

I guess we can look forward to six months of discussions in Us Weekly about Nicole's "baby bump" (could there be a more asinine term?), followed by coverage of the wedding to the creepy Madden guy, the themed baby shower featuring high-priced gift bags for guests, and the happy family strolls with Nicole, Madden, the Bugaboo and the nanny.

Or maybe they'll print that retraction???



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