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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Case of the Missing Pants

The DC legal community has spend the past several weeks fascinated by the amazingly wacky lawsuit against a dry cleaner seeking damages of $54 million for a supposedly lost pair of pants. Essentially, the argument was premised upon DC's consumer protection law and the sign reading "Satisfaction Guaranteed" at the dry cleaner. Today, justice was served as the court found for the defendants.

The most amazing thing about this case, however, is that the plaintiff is a judge, specifically an administrative law judge in DC. Even more frightening is what he was doing when he was appointed. As the Washington Post explained:

Until he landed the judgeship, Pearson had been out of work. Strapped for cash and running up close to his limit on his credit cards, he brought his pants in one or two at a time to avoid maxing out his credit.

Perhaps I am naive in thinking that those appointed to the bench have slightly more impressive resume's than "Judge" Pearson's.

Finally, if you want to help the Chungs, the family that runs the dry cleaners, here is a link to their legal defense fund: http://customcleanersdefensefund.com/


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