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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Forbes has come out with a list of the "Celebrity 100." I recommend that you not click on that link because it's like the most annoying Web site ever. The list itself is a pretty transparent attempt to get people to read Forbes to see pictures of celebrities. And the "methodology" seems like pure b.s.

All of that being said, according to Forbes, Mitch Albom is one of the 100 most influential celebrities! (Number 96, to be exact.) What the hell? I feel like there was some justification for Tuesdays with Morrie, because it's based on a real guy (I think). But did the world need The Five People You Meet in Heaven or For One More Day?*

What is more disturbing is that, inspired by Albom's success, Mike Lupica is now writing novels! Young adult novels! This has to stop.

*Note: I have not actually read any of these books, so it's possible that they are works of literary genius that I'm unfairly prejudging.



Blogger Leila said...

Note: I read Tuesdays With Morrie when it first came out. You are not unfairly prejudging.

6/25/2007 10:54 PM  

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