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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Best She Can Do?

So for those who care, Hillary Clinton had a contest to select her campaign's theme song. The winner? You and I by Celine Dion. See here.

Why does she do these things? Doesn't she know that Celine is Canadian? And French-Canadian to boot. And, worst of all, that lots of Americans can't stand her. And that she is begging for Titanic jokes if her campaign starts to falter. There had a to be a better choice. Actually, there were lots of better choices.

Update: I do give Hillary credit for the video used to introduce the winning song. If only she had made a better selection . . . .



Blogger Holly said...

I completely agree, and I know Mrs. Bartender will agree with this - she has U2's Beautiful Day on the list and she goes with Celine Dion!?

6/20/2007 11:29 AM  

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