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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

More TAR

Just a quick follow up to Red's post about The Amazing Race. I was surprised to find myself rooting for Rob and Amber. But I couldn't help myself -- I find Charla and Mirna (especially Mirna) so loathsome. The good news about their elimination is that it will be interesting to see how the race changes now that the dominant team is gone.

But, more importantly, I've actually been to Punta Arenas and Ushuaia! (If Blogger would let me post pictures, I would prove it.) In fact, I was there in early November, which I think was just a couple of weeks before the racers. Was it just me, or was the "Navigate It" detour absurdly easier than the "Sign It" option? The choice seemed pretty clear from Phil's description, which makes you wonder what the clue said that would cause anyone to choose "Sign It." Having been to Punta Arenas, I know that finding the town square is incredibly easy. In fact, you can see if from the Mirador where they made the signs. And you can't go that far south from the square without hitting the water, and they apparently had maps! So, it seems crazy not to choose "Navigate It."

It's too bad that they appear to be heading north to see the huge rodents, rather than south to Antarctica. That would be cool.


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