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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

American Idol, eight men

Another boring night for the men. If this was all Idol had to offer this year, I think I would stop watching and just tune in for the finals. Thank goodness for the girls.

Blake Lewis. "All Mixed Up." Randy and Paula and didn't know the song? It was played on the radio incessently for months. I didn't like Blake on it all that much. The beginning was really off-key and flat. He did the chorus part well.

Sanjaya Malakar. "Waiting for the World to Change." By far his best, but still stinks. He has no energy.

Sundance Head. "Jeremy." The splicing of this song was awful, and Gobo thinks it was too big for Sundance. I thought he sounded like a sorry imitation of Eddie Vedder.

Chris Richardson. "Tonight I Want to Cry." Gobo said that song made him want to cry. I just didn't think it was all that exciting.

Jared Cotter. "If You Really Love Me." His fingers are still really long. Gobo and I feel the same way about this guy: that he has the potential to be very good, but every week he is just way off the mark. And he's boring. I wish he would show something more.

Brandon Rogers. "I Just Want to Celebrate." This was a high-energy performance, and yet I still think he's boring. He sounded better than last week, but I don't know that he could get worse.

Phil Stacey. "I Need You." He looks weirder with the hat on. This is definitely his worst performance. By far. The high note sounded off each time. Not good. I'm sure he'll stay in because people seem to like the fact that he abandonned his wife during childbirth to audition, and because he has been decent in the past, but he stunk tonight. And I think that Paula and Randy are wrong that he hit the high notes well.

Chris Sligh. "We All Want to be Loved." He looks like he has lost a couple of pounds. I just like Chris. The judges constantly say he isn't the strongest male singer, but none of the other men have really impressed me with their vocal abilities. I feel like Chris really tries every week and pulls it off (although I didn't like his highest note tonight). The problem with this song is it reminded me a little of Taylor Hicks.

I would send Sanjaya and Brandon home this week. Although if it is based only on tonight's performance, Phil could take Brandon's ticket home.

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