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Friday, March 09, 2007

Gilmore Girls

Thanks to a long vacation and a nasty bout of jet lag, I stayed up all last night watching the last six episodes of Gilmore Girls and hooboy has a lot happened. I have to say that while it took them long enough to do it, I'm really pleased with the way the writers got rid of Christopher. I thought it made sense for all the characters involved. Lorelei really tried to work it out and ignore everything that was wrong, but Christopher and his insecurities just kept pushing and pushing until eventually they both realized it wasn't right. Yay! I keep reading posts on the internets about people hating the Gilmore Girls now, or being completely indifferent and just watching out of habit. I don't get it. It's still a smart show, the characters are still interesting and flawed, and . . . what the hell else is there to watch on Tuesday nights?

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