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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

American Idol - Guys Part Two

Um, well the guys were better this week than last but they certainly weren't as good as you would think based on Randy's, Paula's, and Simon's reactions. The judges were surprisingly excited/optimistic/kind/complimentary (I have a feeling Fox literally forced them to act so excited to make the world think for a second that any of these guys were worth tuning in for each week). There really wasn't one performance that was close to as good as some of the women from last week, but here are my quick reviews:

Bald-headed guy. (forget his name and I'm too lazy to check). Eh, he's alright but doesn't have star quality. B-

Nick Pedro. Voice is alright; he was better than last week, but still. No star quality. B-

A.J. Tabasomethingorother. I actually kind of like him, but he's still not close to amazing. B.

Jared Cotter. Cheese-ball but I have to say he's hot. B-

Brandon Rogers. Lame rendition of "True Colors" but he's also pretty hot. Thought not so hot when getting all defensive about why his rendition was so lame. B-

Blake Lewis. I kind of like his whole shtick. He's obviously really talented, but I'm not totally taken by him. One of my favorites of the night, though, for what that's worth. B+.

Sanjaya. I put that as one of the worst Idol performances I've ever seen. D.

Chris Richardson. I kind of have a major crush on him and I thought his Jason Mraz vibe last night was really good. Randy and Paula were a little too excited about his performance. But still one of my favorites of the night. B+/A-

Sundance Head. This guy is just weird I've decided. I guess he sounded good when signing certain parts but I can't fathom why Randy and Paula were so frakkin' excited about him. B.

Who am I forgetting? (Again, lazy. And running to dinner. And can't stop the momentum of my post or else it could be months until I post again. Bad blogger. Bad.)

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Blogger Red Fraggle said...

You forgot Chris Sligh, who we discussed and both liked. I initially thought his wife was super cute, but as they showed her more and more, I wasn't so sure. It isn't surprising he would have a cute wife, though. He's exactly the type--bigger guy, great personality, funny, lands the hot chick.

I basically agree with you on all of these, although I didn't like Blake very much, which was disappointing, because I generally like Blake a lot. And Brandon killed "Time After Time" not "True Colors." Where is Cyndi Lauper when you need her? She was so talented only a few of her songs got acclaim. So sad.

2/28/2007 6:58 PM  

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