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Friday, March 02, 2007

Thoughts for the end of the week

I have a lot of small things to blog about, but nothing I feel like making into a long post, so I thought I would just put everything together in one mish-mash.

NBC gave us yet another excellent episode of Friday Night Lights two days ago. I thought both Tyra and Lyla were particularly compelling. Tyra doesn't have an easy life, having to parent her mother at 17 years old. It made me happy that Tammy is making Tyra her "next project," because Tyra really needs hope for a way to do more with her life than her mother has. And I felt so sorry for Lyla, who really has no one other than Jason. She has no friends left and no one to confide in. She had to drive 200 miles just to have someone to talk to. And as for Riggins: how long until he starts sleeping with the older neighbor? I give it two episodes.

Ryan Seacrest was clearly implying Kellie Pickler had a boob job last night on Idol. And although they are definitely a lot larger than they were last season, so is her butt and her thighs. In fact, the boobs are still smaller than her butt. So what do you think? Implants or just extra weight? Also, her hair looked awful.

Obviously (I guess it is obvious if you read my earlier posts), I think that Antonella should have been eliminated before Leslie, and Sanjaya before A.J. I also thought A.J. should probably have made the final 12. What I really don't understand, however, is all of the tears from the girls when Leslie was kicked off. Sure, Antonella should have been kicked off first. But Leslie was out of her league and gearing to go next week anyway. So why were they sobbing? They had better get used to eliminations, because they are going to happen every single week from here on out.

Is anyone still watching Veronica Mars now that Bailey and Holt are out of town? What did everyone think of the big reveal of the Dean's killer? I thought it was unsatisfying. And I wasn't at all happy about the death that took place. I read that they are going to finish the season with just single mysteries every week, but no overarching mystery. That's disappointing to me--I think the format from the first two seasons worked best.

Gobo and I have been watching the first season of Dynasty and I am so glad we decided to do so. Neither of us had ever watched us before, and it's really great. We're at the point where Blake inadvertently kills Stephen's lover, Ted. Great stuff. I think if we ever adopt another cat I will insist we name her Fallon.

The Real Housewives of Orange County continues to disgust me, and I continue to watch. Seeing the filth Lauri's daughter, Ashley, lives in was upsetting. Not because I care about the filth, but because the poor cats were defecating outside of the litterbox. Cats do this when the litterbox they are provided is too dirty (they also do it when sick, but I think the former applies here). I feel sorry for the cats.

I have some TV to catch up on this weekend: Heroes, Grey's (which is really starting to irritate me), Grease: You're the One that I Want and maybe the final episode of The O.C. Oh, and the final three episodes of Dynasty season one. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like season two is available on DVD. Not good.

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