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Sunday, March 04, 2007

The last mistake I would ever make...

[Amazing Race: All Stars spoilers ahead]

...would be failing to give the credit card security code to someone when they will be ordering for me online. But that's exactly what three teams did on the most recent episode of the Race. Anyone who ever orders anything online knows you need to provide the three-digit security code on the back of the card (or the four-digit code on the front of an Am Ex) to complete your order. So why didn't Eric and Danielle, Terri and Ian or Team Cha Cha Cha provide the code to Uchenna and Joyce? Am I supposed to believe Danielle has never ordered anything online? Because I would have thought that would be her one potential contribution to this team. And surely Cha Cha Cha have done so. Ridiculous. At least the Guidos knew the code was needed. Of course, when they gave the code to Joyce, you would think perhaps she would have asked the other teams for their codes. It might have been a strategy move, but with Joyce, I don't think it was. I think she's just clueless.

Danielle is truly dead weight on her team. Has she contributed anything yet? I thought that the fish task was incredibly upsetting (those poor fish!), but she was such a baby about it. And she is the only female racer who acts that way, other than Mirna. I knew Amber wouldn't be a baby about it. Or the BQs. Or Teri. Or Mary. However, Dave decided to take the task, which I suspected would be a bad idea. But I was wrong. He sucked it up ad went quickly, although not as quickly as the BQ (I couldn't figure out which was doing the task).

Although Mary isn't a wimp, she is horrible in many other ways. The whole "being friends" thing is so old, particularly when she gets hurt and cries about it. Enough already! And she always screams at Dave, like when she yelled at him to keep driving when he (correctly) thought they had gone too far.

Of course, Mary's stupidity and "friendliness" is what ultimately did her team in this week. Well, that and their bad driving and directional skills. When they finished rafting (which Mary really seemed to work hard at) they knew the next stop was a pit stop. So when they saw Charla and Mirna frantically searching their car for their keys, why did Mary say anything? Why not just get in the car and drive? Charla and Mirna probably would have continued to search that car and their bodies for another twenty minutes before they decided to go to the tent to find the keys. But Mary told them the keys were in the tent, ensuring they would immediately go there and cutting down the time advantage they had over the cousins. Of course, they should have still beaten Charla and Mirna to the pit stop, but I guess they must have done something wrong in finding it, which is why Charla and Mirna were able to beat them. But at that point, David and Mary deserved to be eliminated. Good riddance.

Team Guido ran a horrendous leg this time. They were on the first flight out, but fell really far behind. Not good at all. I hope they pick it up. And I also hope that they start getting a little meaner. I don't like these nice Guidos as much!

Running a great leg, of course, were Rob and Amber. Although we did see Rob get lost, which basically never happens, they still managed to finish first. Again. I also thought that Uchenna and Joyce ran a decent leg. Sure they got lost, but only once and not for long. And Dustin and Kandace recovered well after missing their clue and having to go back and get it.

As for next week, I can only hope for a Charla and Mirna elimination. I don't enjoy watching them--they just stress me out. I can't stand their hypocrisy. And Charla has become absolutely ridiculous. She always seemed sane next to Mirna, but now she is truly just as bad.

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