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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wednesday Night Lights

By now, everyone reading this blog should know how much I love Friday Night Lights. So there's no reason to write yet another post about how great this show is. Instead, just a few questions that popped into my head while watching the show last night:

* How has Jason Street gotten so great at quad rugby so quickly? I get that he is a natural athlete, but it does seem a little strange that he was already given one of the two dozen invites to auditions, after becoming paralyzed only a few months before. Maybe the applicant pool just isn't that large?

* Why didn't Coach Taylor have Mac talk to the players on the team after his racist remarks? The tension was obviously growing, and even if the Coach believes that Mac isn't a racist, the players certainly deserved a personal explanation and apology, didn't they?

* Isn't it a little out-of-character that Smash, a player who was terrified his college career was over before it started, would suddenly decide to lead a walkout right before the playoffs, jeopardizing his chances of having scouts watch him play and potentially gaining the label of a troublemaker (making him less attractive to colleges)?

* Mac told Coach Taylor that he was still getting used to the idea that a man a decade younger than him was holding the head coach job he always thought he would have. Is there only a ten year age difference between the two? Because if so, that's a really rough ten years.

* I love the whole Julie's rebellion story. It's great and it really makes you wonder what a parent can really do in this situation. If you have a good kid who starts to go bad, where is your power? Grounding only works when they listen to you. Do you think that the Taylors are wondering why they were so worked up about Julie liking good-guy Matt? Bad-girl Tyra is definitely a far bigger threat.

* I love Smash's mother. I love that they haven't made her into a stereotype, pushing her son's athletics at all costs. Rather, she is a woman worried about her son as a person first, and is willing to sacrifice his football career if it comes in the way of his health or ultimate happiness. And would you ever say no to that woman?

* Can Tim Riggins get any hotter?

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