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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Where have all the singers gone?

Am I the only person who has been really disappointed with this season's American Idol auditions? I haven't seen any one singer who has truly impressed me yet (I still have the San Antonia auditions from last night to watch, but I don't have high hopes). In seasons past, there have been some audition standouts--Kelly from season one, Frenchie from season two and Paris from last year come to mind--but I have not been excited to hear even one person they have shown sing again.

And in looking at the episode summaries over the next few weeks, it looks like there will only be on day of Hollywood Week shown, with the episode following that narrowing the pool to the group of 24. In the past, there has usually been two days of Hollywood Week, which I really enjoy. You get to see the singers do a lot of different songs, and some favorites begin to emerge.

At this point, I'm not all that optimistic about what the final 12 are going to sound like. Of course, I'll keep watching to see if I'm wrong.

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