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Thursday, February 08, 2007

The worst mother on television

The Real Housewives of Orange County showcases some horrendous parenting. There's Tammy, whose daughter had breast implants at the age of 18; Vicki, who completely suffocates her children; and Jeana, who buys her children everything they want. But no one comes close to Lauri.

Lauri is a single mother of three children, including troubled Josh, who is 17. Last season Josh had a number of emotional problems, and ended up in juvenile hall. This year, he is on probation and going to school in a state-run boarding facility. While on a 24 hour break from the school, Josh apologized for his actions in the past and said he felt that his mother had pulled away from him, to which she responded that she had because she just "couldn't deal," likening Josh to a sinking ship, saying that she felt it was better to cut him off than see their family drown. Never once did Lauri take any responsibility for Josh's problems, despite the fact that the lack of security she provided for him clearly played a role in his issues.

But earning Lauri her spot in the Dina Lohan Horrible Mother Hall of Fame was her response when Josh asked her when she was getting married (somehow the divorced Lauri managed to find another sugar daddy to support her after failing miserably working for Vicki's insurance agency). After telling him she didn't know, Lauri told Josh she would be getting married later that month, and that she and her fiance would be taking their families to Hawaii. Of course, because Josh is stuck in the facility, he couldn't join. Disingenuously, Lauri told Josh that she really wanted him to be there, and wished he would be able to make it, blaming him for his inability to do so.

Um...if she wishes that so much, why not wait four months to get married until after Josh's probation is complete? Wouldn't that be what a parent who was concerned about the well-being of her obviously vulnerable child (who just confided that he felt he was being replaced by his mother's "new" family) do? Is four months that important to her?

I rarely give up on television shows, and The Real Housewives is an easy, mindless show to watch. But after watching the most recent episode, I actually felt nauseated. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up.



Blogger Laura Linger said...

Better be careful about what you say (and yes, I am serious). Whori and her Walking Wallet are tracking down negative posts about them that are out in cyberspace and threatening litigation to anyone who will listen.

TWoP shut down their boards about the show because of it.

Bravo is seriously moderated now.

The OC Register has been the victim of a hacker, which just so happened to go through and remove all negative-sounding posts about the lovely couple.

In other words, don't let yourself be intimidated. I like your blog a lot and will visit more often.

2/11/2007 2:37 AM  

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