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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Sin That Dare Not Speak Its Name (But I Will - DROOP)

I know Wilder already posted a shot of Britney in this outfit (just yesterday in fact) and I'm not going to disavow my comment that the girl is looking trim, but a closer look at this UsWeekly cover had me shaking my head in gloom. The tasteful, thin Britney was indeed too good to be true. Now I kind of hate to be critical of her here, but I'm going to: Brit is sporting some serious, Drew-Barrymore-at-the-Golden-Globes-worthy droop. Now, she's just had a child, lactation and all that, sure the breasts aren't going to be as perky as they once were. No one would expect otherwise. BUT . . . there are articles of clothing specifically designed to counteract the effects of gravity and nature. They're called bras. And one can find them anywhere. Now, I know Britney is fond of going braless, and if that's what's happening here (as Red suggested when I pointed this photo out), ok, I can understand though not necessarily agree with that sartorial choice. (Though for pity's sake she's wearing a turtleneck AND a vest, but a bra would be too much fabric??) But . . . if she's in fact wearing said support garment, it is NOT doing its job. Brit, go into your nearest Nordstrom STAT. There are people who can help.

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