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Thursday, October 19, 2006

In related Grey's Anatomy news

Astute readers might have noticed my comment to Holt's post, below, about T.R. Knight coming out of the closet. Basically, I wondered how or whether T.R. Knight's revelation was related to the news of the fight between Isaiah Washington and Patrick Demspey last week. Reports of the fight said that Washington was complaining that T.R. Knight was late to taping, and Dempsey defended Knight. I wondered whether Washington had used a gay slur when complaining about Knight and, if so, whether that precipitated Knight's relevation that he is gay.

And now it looks like I'm right about Isaiah Washington. At least, the National Enquirer, which, although a shameless rag, did break the Grey's Anatomy story, is now saying that Washington said to Dempsey "I'm not your little faggot, like [name retracted]." Although the Enquirer retracted the name, in light of the fact that we know they were arguing about Knight, and Knight coming out of the closet today, I think we can figure out whose name was included after the slur.

Yuck, yuck, yuck.

ETA: Us Weekly is now running a poll on whether Washington should be fired, in light of the most recent story in the Enquirer.

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