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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm worried about Veronica's sex life

Okay, I don't expect Veronica Mars to be the most realistic show on television. After all, the centerpiece is a teenaged girl who solves mysteries, including who killed her best friend and who killed a class-full of teenagers on a bus. So I get that one has to suspend disbelief when watching the show.

But when I watched a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't get past one thing: Veronica is attending nearby Hearst College and living at home (presumably because she can't afford to live on-campus, but really as an excuse to keep Enrico Colantoni in the mix). When her father is away for the night, he calls Veronica at midnight to make sure that she isn't sleeping over at her boyfriend's place.

And here's where I can't suspend my disbelief. Veronica is in college. She has always been independent. She is living at home because she doesn't have another financial option. At some point, her father dictating where she sleeps when he isn't around just isn't okay anymore. And I think college is that point.

And yet Veronica, who protests everything, doesn't seem to protest this. I just don't get it. There was no reason for the entire story of Keith calling Veronica to check up on her while she was her boyfriend, except to add some "realism" to the storyline. But all the plot did was take away any sense of reality. I really didn't like it.

Which is something I might be able to say about this entire season, thus far. Definitely sub-par. I'm hoping for better days (I was happy to see a pudgier Weevil back in the picture). It's sad when your formerly favorite show doesn't excite you anymore.



Blogger Laura Holt said...

I had a different take on that totally. It wasn't that her dad was dictating where SHE slept, he was dictating who slept in his apartment, which I think is totally realistic for a show about a freshman in college. He had no idea where she was! He called her at home and she'd had her calls forwarded to the Grand. She just didn't tell him that she got around the whole: "Logan isn't allowed in our home after midnight" rule by not being home after midnight herself. Which seemed like a perfectly legitimate, and realistic, tack for an 18-year-old girl to take.

10/18/2006 12:14 PM  
Blogger Bailey Quarters said...

I also disagree that there was no point to that scene except to add realism. When that call ended, Keith started talking about Veronica with what's his name, which led to the reveal that he spent the fee he earned standing Veronica up in New York buying her the new car that they show her driving in the very next scene. Not the most important point, but a point nonetheless.

10/18/2006 12:26 PM  
Blogger Red Fraggle said...

Yeah, Bailey, you are right about the point. But it seems like there would be a lot of other ways to get the point in there.

And Holt--I get what you're saying, but why would Veronica have her calls forwarded to Logan's place if it was okay for her to sleep there? And if it was okay for her to sleep there, why would she be unhappy when Logan answered, and then tell her dad that Logan was just leaving? It seems to me that there is some expectation that she shouldn't be sleeping with Logan.

Which, again--she's in college. It just doesn't make good sense to me. I would think she would tell her dad that she respects Logan isn't allowed in his house, but that she is sleeping where she wants. And she clearly wasn't doing that--she was hiding where she was from him.

10/18/2006 1:19 PM  
Blogger Laura Holt said...

I think hiding things from Keith perfectly fits (a) Veronica's character and past behavior (she does that a lot) and (b) the fact that she's 18!

Hell yes Keith doesn't think she should be having sex with Logan (or sleeping at his place), and Veronica knows that very well, but he can't tell her not to for all the reasons you point out. But what he can do is exert the sort of gentle parental pressure of calling to "check-in" when he's out of town. Veronica loves her dad and isn't going to make him worry by either (1) not answering their home phone when he calls to check in (even if it's only for the few minutes before he tries her cell phone) or (b) by telling him straight out that's she's doing something he'd rather she didn't do. And I don't think Keith expects or wants her to tell him the truth about this. They'd both rather live in a world where they both can pretend he doesn't know that she's having sex with Logan. This is exactly the sort of awkward delicate little dance that parents and teens play while adjusting to their roles.

10/18/2006 1:33 PM  
Blogger Red Fraggle said...

See, I just don't agree that it's in character. I think it is particularly out of character, despite her frequent lying to Keith.

I don't know--maybe it will come to a head at some point. But I have to imagine Veronica isn't thrilled that she is living at home, despite how much she likes her dad, and having to lie to him about where she sleeps when everyone else is acting as she would want would make her more likely to push the boundaries.

Maybe this is just indicative of my general unhappiness with this season thus far.

10/18/2006 1:37 PM  

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