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Sunday, August 13, 2006

At home with Brad and Angelina*

Us Weekly is currently running a poll on its website, asking its readers whose relationship would make a better reality show: Jen and Vince; Brad and Angelina; Pam and Kid or Nick and Vanessa. The current leader? Kid and Pam. And they aren't just leading--they are the clear preference, with 68% of readers choosing them (followed by 15% for Brangelina, 9% for Vaughniston and 8% for Nick and Vanessa).

I am honestly really, really surprised here. What would be fun about watching Pam and Kid? It would be yet another trainwreck, some sort of mixture of The Osbournes, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica and 'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave. Is there any new door that Pam and Kid could open for us? I think not.

But who wouldn't want to watch Brad and Angelina? Doesn't anyone wonder how this couple works? What are the interactions like between a white-bread guy from Missouri who used to be married to America's golden girl and a blood-wearing, brother-snogging, bisexual who once confided on the red carpet that she had just had sex in her limo? What do they talk about? How much of her "quirky" ways has Angelina retained in her new life of mommyhood and charitable giving? Is Maddux really sweet or a total brat?

Of course, no one could ever give them enough money to donate to charity to have them agree to such a show. But it would totally kick ass. And it would be a lot more interesting than watching Pam and Kid wear funny hats and get drunk.

*I originally titled this post "At home with Brad and Angie" but quickly changed it, just because I have never heard anyone who knows her actually refer to Angelina Jolie as "Angie." And it kind of drives me crazy that the press does. I guess the fact that I almost used the term myself is a testament to how I have saturated myself with celebrity gossip.



Blogger Agnes DiPesto said...

I shall put your mind at ease, in that Vanity Fair had Angelina Jolie on the cover a couple of years ago and I remember reading in that article that she does prefer to be called "Angie." It jumped out me because if my name was "Angelina Jolie" I'd make people call me by my full name all the time, not something as banal as "Angie," which just makes me think of the super-cheesy early 80's sitcom starring Donna Pescow...

8/14/2006 5:11 PM  
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