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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Elvis Idol

I loved last night's show, particularly because my Idol boyfriend Elliott gave two of the BEST performances of the season. He should be a lock to make it to the Final Three, but I'm still nervous for him. Incidentally, I tried voting at regular intervals for two hours after the show and I couldn't get through because both of his lines were busy. Nervous, nervous, nervous am I!

Taylor Hicks: I thought Taylor was overall pretty great last night. His first song -- Jailhouse Rock -- was fun and he's goofy and there isn't much more to say about the performance. It was karaoke, sure, but at least it was really good karaoke and what else can one do with an Elvis song like that anyway? The second song was better than good, but still not fantastic. There were a few moments that made me think I'd buy a Taylor Hicks CD if he won, but I am still waiting to be blown away. Apparently, Simon was on the Today show this morning and thinks Taylor will make it to the Finals.

Chris Daughtry: I actually thought this was one of Chris's weakest nights of the season. He sounded good, yeah, and sure he's cute and has a charming personality, but I was just bored during both of his performances. The second half of the second song he sang was pretty good, but at this point I'm looking for blow-me-away performances and he didn't provide any. It's sorta like he thinks he's coasting through to the Finals and that annoys me. Simon thinks that Chris will be the other one in the Finals.

Elliott Yamin: I won't belabor the point, but I LOVE Elliott. Last night, he put it all on the line and gave two truly amazing performances. I'd buy his CD in a heartbeat. I can't believe how good he sounds every time he opens his mouth. I thought he was plain fantastic and it will be a shame if he doesn't make it to the Final Three. Elliott is the only one (besides perhaps Taylor) who raised his performance level another notch last night. I really don't think anyone (even Red Fraggle) can seriously debate that he gave the best two performances of the night.

Katherine McPhee: Eek. She seemed to fall apart last night. I like when she sings bluesy ballads and doesn't push her voice. Last night, she screeched her way through both songs, unfortunately. Put simply: she should go home tonight no question.

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Blogger Bailey Quarters said...

The arrangement for "Fools Rush In" was terrible. It made no sense for the song and it did not play to Katherine's strong suit.

5/10/2006 11:27 AM  
Blogger Isaac, your bartender said...

Today's WP was hysterical about the episode. They had pictures of three of the contestants with the following caption: "Katharine McPhee sang 'Hound Dog,' Chris Daughtry did 'Suspicious Minds' and Taylor Hicks sang 'In the Ghetto.' Not pictured: Elvis spinning in grave."

5/10/2006 2:30 PM  

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