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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Guilty Pleasure

Holt reassured me in the comments to my "Nashville Star" post that there is no judging of people's TV choices. So I feel like it's safe to tell you about "The Ghost Whisperer."

I first saw it 2 and 1/2 weeks ago when I was home on a Friday night working. The premise is that Jennifer Love Hewitt can see ghosts and they come to her to resolve their unfinished business before they "go to the light." In this episode, the ghost in question is a classmate of Love's who died of a rare genetic disease when they were both little. Her parents are now estranged and the mom has the same genetic disease that had killed the girl, but she hasn't told the dad. At first, the parents don't want to talk to Love, but then after a commercial break they totally do. And just by talking to the girl--through Love of course--they reconcile, and then the girl reassures them that she's okay and everyone cries (including me!) and she goes to the light.

Sounds awesome, right? So, of course I had to TiVo the two-part season finale. And, boy, am I glad I did.

In the second to last episode, Love--who runs some kind of store with Aisha Tyler--starts to see all of these frozen ghosts. It turns out that they were on a plane that lost cabin pressure and now they're all dead. And no one is flying the plane! Aisha's all worried because she thinks that her brother might be on the plane and she can't get in touch with him. She leaves to go to his apartment. Love tries to call someone to let them know what is happening, but at the end of the episode the plane crashes right into her town!

In the next episode, there are hundreds of frozen ghosts milling around. This guy from the FAA comes to talk to Love about how she knew what was happening on the plane. At first, he doesn't believe her about talking to ghosts, but then after the commercial he totally does, and Love helps solve the case by talking to the pilot who says he forgot to do one of the pre-flight checks. There's this guy with a black hat who is trying to convince the people not to go to the light. But then Love gives them a pep talk about how great it is on the other side (even though she doesn't really know) and most of them go, but a few stay behind with the black hat guy.

Meanwhile, Aisha is looking for her brother, but his name isn't on any of the passenger lists, and Love keeps saying that she has to tell her something, but they keep getting interrupted. Then, at the end, Love goes back to the store and Aisha's there. Aisha's happy that Love has not seen the brother's ghost, and Love says again that she has to tell Aisha something, and then in the background we can see the brother walking up to the store, and Aisha runs out to him. But he walks right past her. Aisha's dead, y'all! The plane crashed into her car when she was going to her brother's apartment! And she doesn't even know! And then Aisha's all sad, and right at the end, the guy with the black hat walks up behind her. Awesome.



Blogger Laura Holt said...

Ok, I haven't watched this show but I'm dying to know who the guy in the black hat is and why he doesn't want the dead people to go into the light!

Have you watched Medium? I've heard that's supposed to be really good. As season finales approach and my "now playing" list is reduced to old episodes of Murder She Wrote and Magnum PI (which I never actually watch, but for some reason I keep it as a season pass because I think someday maybe I will), maybe I'll catch up on these two shows over the summer.

5/09/2006 7:33 PM  

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