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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Just following up on a few items I've blogged about recently:

First, TivoToGo magically worked yesterday, but then this morning it magically didn't work again. I have no idea why. And, yes, it apparently does take an hour to download a one-hour show. And the downloading process seems to stop whenever you use your computer to do anything else. So, all in all, this does not seem that useful. I guess if you really planned ahead you could load up your computer with stuff you wanted to watch, but otherwise it's a lot easier just to watch it on your tv.

Second, I watched the second and third episodes of "Thief," and they were both excellent. I highly recommend this show.

Third, on the Washington Post v. New York Times front, the Post won four Pulitzer Prizes yesterday to the Times' three. Of particular relevance to this blog, Robin Givhan won for criticism. She writes the kind of irreverant column -- on fashion -- that I just can't imagine ever seeing in the Times. Also, Dana Priest, who won for beat reporting (on national security and intelligence) is one of my favorite reporters.



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