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Monday, April 17, 2006


Has anyone been able to get TivoToGo to work? This is a feature that is supposed to allow you to download shows from your TiVo to your pc. I finally got around to installing the software this weekend, but I couldn't get it to work.

First, for some reason, the software cannot "see" my DVR. I have no idea what this means, much less why it is happening. There is much speculation on the TiVo web site that this might be caused by the fact that I have a VPN on my computer, but no guidance as to what to do about it. (As an aside, this is much like TurboTax, in that the more complicated your problems are the less guidance it gives you.)

Second, I was able to look at my TiVo's now playing list through back channels, but it took more than an hour to download a one-hour show. I'm not sure if it took so long because I was going through back channels, or that's just how long it takes. But that seems excessively slow -- I've Bit-Torrented shows faster than that.

Third, once I downloaded the show, I couldn't watch it because I don't have the right codec on my Windows Media Player. I have to buy one for $15.

All in all, a frustrating experience. I'm going to fool around with it more tonight, so any guidance would be appreciated.


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