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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jack Bauer Does It Again!

Jack Bauer is like the best CTU agent ever! Right. He doesn't work for CTU anymore. Anyway! He's like the best getting-bad-guys agent ever! Wasn't it brilliant how he programmed the memory card to explode in Treo's face? I loved it! A perfect Jack Bauerism! Now the German intelligence service won't have the U.S.'s WET list! Take that Germany!

And take that Karen Hayes, director of Homeland who thinks she can boss Bill Buchanan and Chloe O'Brien around! The phone battle between her and Jack was awesome! She might think she is in charge now, but it will always be Jack and Co.'s show!

Actually, it's President Logan's show! (He might be the all-time best supporting character on the show. How funny is he! He's such a spineless, incompetent jerk that my husband and I burst out laughing every time he utters a sentence!) He's imposed martial law in the city of Los Angeles! And a curfew!

But seriously, last night's episode was awesome, particularly the last few seconds. I wasn't expecting the terror-broker lady to tell Jack that it was AUDREY RAINES who sold her the schematics for the next attack!

Could Audrey possibly be involved in the terrorist attack? I have to think NO. But whether Jack believes the terror-broker lady or instead trusts his love for Audrey will surely be excellent television. I can't wait!



Blogger Bailey Quarters said...

It was pretty awesome. I wish Chloe worked at my office. She would have figured out what was wrong with my Blackberry in a matter of minutes.

On the other hand, I am glad that my office doesn't have its crack IT staff monitoring my computer usage. I would surely be fired.

What is up with other countries not helping us out in our time of need? Last year, it was China refusing to cough up that guy to prevent a nuclear bomb going off. And now, Germany refuses to help us prevent a nerve gas attack. Stupid other countries. Of course, our president did just agree to let the terrorists assassinate the Russian president!

3/21/2006 1:44 PM  

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