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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Cool, Dry Place

Ok, I know I'm going to get slammed for this (Wilder has already called me an idiot for it off line) but somehow I got sucked into watching A Cool, Dry Place on WE this weekend. (And by "somehow" I mean that my Tivo wishlist for "Vince Vaughn" told me it was playing and I recorded it.) I'm not proud, but this is why we don't post under our own names.

I loved it. I'm not saying it's a great movie, and those of you who can't stand Joey Lauren Adams' breathy squeaky voice should definitely stay away but . . . I adore Vince Vaughn, and seeing that big gorgeous lug being all tender and sweet with the little kid playing his son . . . well, it was too much. It's pure relationship porn. Seriously. I could tell why it didn't register on my radar when it was released theatrically (assuming it was and didn't go straight to video), as it has a definite Lifetime vibe to it, but . . . if you're feeling sappy and girly sometime, and it's playing on WE. . .



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