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Saturday, February 25, 2006

# 1 Single

I caught a rerun of #1 Single with Lisa Loeb today while putzing about my apartment studiously avoiding all weekend housekeeping chores and I think I've found a new guilty pleasure, which kind of sucks because I really don't have time for more guilty pleasures. . . but is also awesome because who wouldn't rather watch a clever woman narrate her dating adventures than vacuum?

I think there must be some sort of great junkette post to be written along the lines of . . . you know you're not a kid when you catch an episode of the Real World and ask the TV "who acts like that?" And you really know you're an adult when you catch an episode of #1 Single and think, "I want to hang out with Illeana Douglas!" But . . . it's Saturday and I've still got to vacuum.


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