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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Wow, a lot happened on last night's season finales.

***Spoiler Alert***

On Bones, Zack turned out to be Gormagon's apprentice! What the heck? Where did that even come from? I'm pretty happy that it wasn't Sweets, but I have big (somewhat embarrassing crush) on John Francis Daley. Yes, the main geek from Freaks and Geeks.

The resolution of the Booth getting shot plot line was ridiculous. Putting aside the whole faked death thing, how was he even up and around within two weeks of getting shot in the chest? And why would he have been undercover at his own funeral? Is the FBI that short on agents?

The obvious question about the finale of How I Met Your Mother is whether Stella is the mother, given that Ted has now proposed to her and all of the hints about the umbrella and all of that. But even more exciting is that Barney is back and apparently in love with Robin. That should make next season pretty interesting.

Finally, House. Oy, that was sad. Poor Amber, poor Wilson, poor Thirteen, and most of all poor House. He has apparently finally crossed a line that he can't uncross with Wilson, and it's poignant that his infraction (calling Wilson for a ride when he was too drunk to drive) was pretty minor. Again, resolving that relationship should make next season pretty interesting.

It's also interesting that they have kept the old Cottages and the new Cottages too. I would have bet that the first few episodes of this season would have involved them finding their way back to the fold, but with the exception of Foreman, that hasn't happened. Can the show really find enough for all six of them to do? I love Kal Penn and I'm happy to see him on my tv every week (he's a big Obama supporter, by the way), but I don't think any of the new ones add much as characters.

I haven't watched Gossip Girl yet. I sort of love how fast-moving it is -- with major plot lines getting raised and resolved within a few episodes. That could get kind of old though.


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