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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Two More Random Political Observations

1. On MSNBC this morning, Pat Buchanan was talking about how Obama can now go to WV and try to make inroads with white working class voters. "Man of the people" Buchanan commented on how he needs to go to towns like White Sulphur Springs. It was interesting that this was the only WV town Pat mentioned, considering that it is the home of the very high end Greenrbrier resort. I'm sure it's a regular hang out of the Reagan Democrats and that Pat has only gone there as his base to speak with the little people.

2. From today's NY Times, Page 1: "In winning North Carolina . . ., Mr. Obama . . . recorded his first primary victory in nearly two months." Wow, he was really slumping. Until you realize that between his last primary win (in Mississippi) and yesterday, there had been exactly one primary, in Pennsylvania. You know, since winning the Super Bowl, the Giants have yet to win a game.



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