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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

American Idol: Finale

It's American Idol finale night, and it appears the producers have decided to go with a Rocky-knockout theme. Trust me, it's dumb.

David Cook. "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." I thought David did a nice job with the song, but (sorry David) he was no Bono. And it lacked some of the passion that the song needs. But still a nice job.

David Archuleta. "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me." What a shock. Archuleta sings a ballad. Although this is a ballad that I really like--Elton John AND George Michael have sung it. Speaking of George Michael, I recently purchased his album 25 and I thought it was an interesting mix of great songs (the hits we know and love) and a lot of crap. I had expected to hear a lot of unknown gems, but not. Back to David, ugh. WHY must he add the unnecessary embellishments to these songs? It's tacky and cheesy all at once. I am so, so sick of him. And I'm so sick of Randy Jackson fawning over him.

David Cook. Rock song written for AI. I thought he sounded good, although the song sounded pretty stupid.

David Archuleta. Cheesy ballad written for AI. Does David have an anchor on the front of his blazer? He does. How odd. This song is really boring. Oh, wow. David also has an anchor on the back of his blazer. The blazer is definitely the most interesting thing about that performance.

David Cook. "The World I Know." I have never been a huge fan of this song either, but I liked David's version better than the original. Not that that really says much. But...why is David almost crying? Don't cry David! No!

David Archuleta. "Imagine." Gross. He's going to slaughter it a second time? This actually makes me want to vomit. How is what he is doing to this song, with the embellishments and runs a good thing? It is completely contrary to the entire idea of the song. Gobo just told one of the cats to cover her ears so she didn't have to subject herself to this.

Overall: obviously no one who reads this blog needs me to state who I think deserves to win. Archuleta saved his most gag-worthy performance until the very end. It was absolutely atrocious and is a perfect indication of how little he understands the songs he sings. As for David Cook, Simon was wrong when he told him he should have sung "Hello" or "Billie Jean" again. What made those songs so great, in large part, was that they were so surprising. What he should have done was sing at least one non-rock song that is known and loved in a rock style. That is what made people like him so much to begin with, and he has gotten away from that in the last few weeks. But he is by far the better contestant here. Obviously the judges have cast their vote for the puppet Archuleta, and so he will win. It's interesting that Paula was the only judge who didn't tell Archuleta he was the obvious winner. I haven't understood Simon's lack of criticism of Archuleta throughout this entire competition, and tonight was no different. Regardless, the producers, Clive Davis and company will get exactly what they deserve--an American Idol who will make a mediocre album for a market that doesn't exist.

On a happier note, I thought Ruben sounded good--better than the recording of the song they play at the end of every elimination episode. Go Ruben!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that David Archuleta’s televised performance was different from what they showed at the end of the episode during the recap?

I’ve seen this during his “Angels” performance too….

What gives?!?!? So I’m guessing they do two “live” performances, and there’s still edits before the final cut reaches TV……thoughts?

5/21/2008 12:22 AM  
Blogger Toi said...

Actually I believe one of the performances is the dress rehearsal and because they don't have time to go back and do a cut in the last few seconds of the show, they use the clips from the dress rehearsal...

5/21/2008 1:40 AM  
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