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Monday, November 12, 2007

I'll Take Celebrity Sightings for $500, Alex

This weekend, Mrs. Bartender, Isaac, Jr., and I visited Nashville, TN. On our flight down on Friday, we, like many of the passengers on our regional jet, had to gate check several pieces of luggage. While waiting for the luggage to be brought back to us, my wife realizes that the first person waiting for her luggage is none other than Sheryl Crow.

For the record, Sheryl was waiting for her guitar; I thought that was a nice touch. Moreover, I have to say, she looked pretty, pretty good. I would say that her ex-fiance was better off with her than one of the Olsen twins. Of course, I couldn't resist telling Ms. Crow about how when your favorite bartender was on Jeopardy! many years ago, he failed to answer a question for which she was the answer and was ribbed about it for years. She thought this was quite funny. Our delightful repertee continued after Mrs. Bartender congratulated her on her baby. We were then on our way to enjoy our weekend with this quite amusing start to it.

The Jeopardy! theme of the weekend continued when Isaac, Jr., and I visited James K. Polk's home in Columbia, TN on Saturday. Polk was the answer (or question) to my Final Jeopardy and that one I got right! I'm better at long dead presidents than young musicians.


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