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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pandering At Its Worst

No one--at least until now--has ever questioned Rudy Giuliani's credentials as a Yankee fan. Throughout his mayoralty, he loyally rooted for the Bronx Bombers and never paid much attention to the other NY team. (Red Fraggle--what are they called again?) But then yesterday, Rudy let it be known that he was pulling for the Sox in the Series. He claims that this decision was made out of AL loyalty. I call BS. No true Yankee fan would ever root for the Sox in the Series. We hate the Red Sox; hate all things Red Sox; heck, we won't even wear red socks. All Rudy is doing is trying to win some more votes in NH, which, it just so happens, is located near Boston. Hillary rightly took heat for claiming in 2000 to have always been a Yankee fan; this is even worse as Rudy sells out his love for the Yankees in his attempt to win the GOP nomination. (Well, I guess if Romney can reverse himself on every thing he ever stood for, Rudy can betray himself here.)

For what it's worth, I pick the Sox in 6, but I hope the Rockies win.


Blogger Sally-Anne said...


And just like that, I hate Rudy.

10/26/2007 1:33 PM  

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