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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Accuracy in Media

Since everyone else is doing it, I have to link to this 2004 Spin article by Chuck Klosterman about bands that are neither underrated nor overrated, but rated exactly where they should be. The bit about Ton Loc is hilarious.

I have to agree with the entry on Matthew Sweet.

5. Matthew Sweet: Every Matthew Sweet album has only one good song, and this good song is inevitably the first single, and this single is always utterly perfect (“Sick of Myself” off 100% Fun, “Where You Get Love” off Blue Sky on Mars, “Girlfriend” off Girlfriend, etc.). He sells enough albums to live comfortably, and that seems reasonable.

And, indeed, I have exactly two Matthew Sweet songs on my iPod -- "Sick of Myself" and "Girlfriend." And I do think that "Sick of Myself" is pretty close to being the perfect pop song. I loooove it.



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