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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Our Home Planet

I want to strongly recommend the new Discovery Channel show, Planet Earth. This 11-part series provides footage of nature and animals that is utterly fascinating and, in many cases, never before seen. And if you watch it in high definition, it is beyond spectacular. The first three parts aired on Sunday (two parts will air the following four Sundays), and we have watched the first two--"Pole to Pole," which was an intro to the series, and "Mountains." Some highlights: The Indonesian Birds of Paradise are simply otherworldly when they do their dance; the snow leopard hunt; and the Panda taking care of its baby (which, when born, is 1/1000 the size of the mother). I don't believe any of these things had ever previously been seen in the wild. (I note that if you are a little squeamish, there are some hunts that don't end up too well for the prey.) See it for yourself (and Discovery reshows this stuff over and over).



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