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Friday, March 23, 2007

Grey's Anatomy

What the hell is going on in Seattle? Has everyone lost their freaking minds? You can count me among the thousands of once loyal viewers of this once touching and funny show who are now only tuning in to watch the train wreck that Shonda Rhimes is making of our formerly beloved characters. It's . . . beyond words how bad this show has gotten. Izzie/George/Callie is one horribly wrong and disastrous sex triangle too many. And I just don't understand WHY the writers did it. WHY??? I stood up for the writers when they made George and Meredith have sex (too lazy to find the link) because I thought that as fucked up as that decision was on their parts, it was earned, but Izzie and George? It's not that I hate the characters for making that choice, I actually hate the writers because it's laughable and silly and completely unbelievable given everything we've been shown about those two characters. Did Shonda Rhimes come into the series with the express goal of ensuring that every main character had sex with at least two other main characters before the series ended? Did she make some sort of bet (with the DEVIL) that she could have the same number of sexual switchoffs on prime time as the cheesiest and most ratings desperate of daytime soaps? What's next, are Derek and Meredith going to be shipwrecked on an island during May sweeps by a suddenly evil Preston who's become all dark and manipulative since that episode where Christina was possessed by the devil and almost sacrificed Miranda on the hospital chapel's altar during a thunderstorm and was only stopped when she was stabbed through the heart with a silver dagger by Joe the bartender who's been psychic ever since he developed the tiny cluster of inoperable brain tumors? Because THAT would be awesome, but only if I hadn't grown to love the characters that were around in season one. But really, bring on the demonic possession plotline. After last night, I'm totally ready for it.



Blogger I am a Miranda said...

I disagree. Thank goodness there's finally some sex going on -- because the last month of episodes have been so boring! Meredith having a near-death experience after sort of committing suicide? Come on. I guess we agree on one thing, though...Grey's Anatomy is slipping. Maybe Dr. Montgomery's spinoff will get things back on track.

3/25/2007 12:46 PM  
Blogger Bailey Quarters said...

I totally agree with Holt, but I have been complaining about the characters being unlikeable for like a year. If anything, I think Meredith and Derek are more sympatethic these days. That being said, when I caught up on the Jan/Feb episodes, I cried like a billion times. Especially when George's dad died. [Sob.]

3/26/2007 9:24 PM  
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